October 21st, 2001



i would rave on about last night, but everyone else is doing that, so i wont.

dont remember much about being on stage. i do that - my brain blanks out when i'm up there. did 5-6 large shows in chicago, dont remember a thing.

thank you, flier minions. your help was immesurable.

i think i need coffee.

i love xyplex2 and dethany. they are good, good people.

i regret that my trip shakespeare cd is in my car right now. and i'm lazy.

i like to surround myself with geniuses so i can reinforce my simplicity.
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i need a better computer desk and chair. with the massive amount of computer shit i do, my dad's old desk from college and one of my dining table chairs just aren't working out for me.

my knees are killing me.
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