September 18th, 2001


dunn dunn DUNNNNN

who says goths can't be patriotic? particularly proud of this makeup job on friday. friday. evan's bday, he got smashed, i ended up closing out the night. what fun.

oh wait, i got a closeup, too:

wow, i look silly. gotta love fisheye lens.

saturday was insane. forgot that tool was playing. unfortunate, because of my milkbaby show. lost maybe, eh, $80 on that one. TSN = rule. milkbaby = beautiful as ever.

took one particular tall and handsome gentleman back to his car. smoochy smoochy.

monday. MONDAY. M O N D A Y absolutely SUCKED the hairs off a dead goat's anus. driving down 480, about 7:30 am - blammo, that tire that i've been meaning to change finally dies on me. i'm quite impressed - it lasted 2 trips to rochester and 1 trip to dc.
have the damn thing towed to a dealership. that was my first mistake. i was blown away by the shitty service i received - now, last time i was there the manager was REALLY cool, in fact, he took $100 off the price of the last repair. the guy i had yesterday was a dolt. told me i should change all 4 tires (he showed me, i believed him) - fine. 5 @*@*^$ HOURS LATER, i'm in a giant green fog of pissedoffness - do these people give a shit that i might be missing work? oh yeah, of course not. the guy was a pure prick - didnt give me a written estimate, every time i asked when my car would be done, he said he'd go check, and then neve come and tel me. last time he said he'd do it after the phone call he was on - which consisted of talking to a buddy about watching a browns game.

revenge will be had. i will invoke the wrath of batty uponthe evil overlord ganley imports.

last night was better, though - i took milkbaby bowling, cuz they wanted to. tall and handsome gentleman (hereby known as THG) came as well. i was happy about that. i suck at bowling because i havent done it in like 16 years. the bar, however, was amazing. was something left over from the set of 3's company, i swear. i loved it. i want to become a regular there, except on wed and thurs cuz they have karaoke. and i want my own locker.

my body is pining for some solid sleep, but the mind is telling me to keep going, that i dont want to miss anything. that if i DO sleep, everything will just pass me by. time to live - sleep later.

thank god for coffee.

i will miss milkbaby. they leave today. wish i hung out with them more when i lived in chicago.

i am avoiding making flash movies.

i've been snooping. i have discovered that almost everyone i associate with here in clevo has a LJ. this amuses me. its like a secret underground life that's been here all along.

"'re one, too?"

bitter truths come out. thngs that i have seen, seen through another person's eyes. objectively. voyeurism.

doubt that will last long.

i remember, about 1995 or 1996 or so, when i found LJ, and i thought., "why the hell would anyone want to use that service? i can make one for myself" - and i did, actually, for about a year or so.

and now, i am here. go figure.

but yeah, i sit here and continue to write. if people discover me, hey, that's cool, if not, fine too. but i'm not about to stick giant neon blinky arrows above this journal. nosir.

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i. am way. tired. and. lack. of sleep. makes. me paranoid. and. v u l n e r a b l e.

watch out for that tree. its ognna be a heinous ride home.