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lakewood's urban farm

ive been wanting to join a CSA for years. mostly i've been looking at CSA directories online, determining that most of them in the area were too much of a hassle to drive to or too pricey. hey, i'm lazy. last week i did the same half assed search again, expecting nothing new to show up. much to my surprise, something did, and its right in my own backyard.

the bay branch farm is an urban farm in a lot nestled between houses on one of the streets in birdtown, just off of madison. it is run by annabel and eric, who my subconscious wants to call 'carl', because my subconscious likes to randomly associate names that are completely unrelated to a person's actual name. anyway, this is their first year doing this.

what i really am loving about their farm is their CSA arrangement. you toss em $35, they'll let you know what's available each week and the prices, you tell em what you want and they deduct that from the $35 you tossed them. so, really, that $35 can go for a reeeeeeally long time if necessary. and seriously, i can get there on my bike. this gave me a huge eco-boner and i immediately threw money at them and picked up my produce this afternoon.

this is, i mean, eric. as it turns out, we share the common bond of majoring in engineering at the university of cincinnati. he was there when i arrived, and he showed me the farm and what he's got going, which is a hell of a lot. since this is their first year, they're still learning stuff, but from what i saw today, they're doing splendidly. and i could also relate to dealing with the hell that is rock-and-clay  infested lakewood soil. eric also tends to his crops with every inch of his soul, as pictured above. it adds flavor.

they've got a ton of onions, leeks, potatoes, cucumbers, and a ton of other stuff, and while i was there eric pulled out of the ground a garlic bulb that was as big as my face. i was so overwhelmed by it that i forgot to get a picture.

annabel also stopped by, and i was still overwhelmed by the garlic that i didn't get her picture, either. my first order was 2 bags of arugula, 2 bunches of carrots, and a bunch of onions.

in hindsight, i should have probably ordered more, because i predict this will all be gone by monday. annabel asked if i ate radishes, i told her i liked them but i wasn't big on them, so she pushed a few of what they were growing on me for free. first taste always is. next thing you know i'm gonna be calling her at 3am to meet me at the farm so i can get one more hit.

tonight's dinner is definitely involving carrot fries.

i am so happy to have found something like this right here in lakewood. its such a great use of the space here, and i am all about supporting the little guy. you should, too, so please check them out. this is also an excellent supplement to what i've got going on myself in the backyard, so they've got a regular customer for the rest of the growing season, that's for sure.

i have been sparse on my online interaction as of late due to life transitions and making sure everything is still sailing smoothly. things are good - not optimal, but i cannot complain. hopefully i will have everything back in place soon. i did manage to squeeze in a physical this week which included bloodwork. i'm very excited to see the results of that because everyone and their mom thinks i'm going to die of a heart attack from all the bacon i eat. needless to say, that's the furthest thing from the doc's mind after doing the first round of checkups, and i still make health professionals say "wow" with my athletically low blood pressure.

i'm not worried.

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