batty (batty_) wrote,

catching up

 wow, its been a while since i've updated. shame on me.
  • my push up record is now at 58.
  • my deadlift is up to 205.

D and i went to keuka lake state park last weekend for much needed us time. the campsite looked like this most of the weekend:

but it was still fun. i had the pleasure of meeting the avocado lady in person:

and we spent the day shopping at the windmill, where i spent entirely too much money on some amazing clothes, jewelry, and local wine. then, down the road to buy my weight in bulk spices. i think i'm set for the next few years on cinnamon. then, back to camp for the night of meat:

everything was coated in a homemade BBQ sauce. i make a lot of things from scratch now - sauces, salad dressing, even mayo. it's so much better when you know what's in it. 

the gardens are coming along nicely:

and i've got blooms on the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and squash.

i have a lifetime supply of cilantro:

and the beans are taking over the neighbor's yard.

boog harvested his first pea pod. he calls them pea ponnets.

i was let go from the day job yesterday after 4.5 years of service. i do not want to go into to much detail here, but the irony of being escorted out of the front lobby, whose walls are coated in articles and awards that i had a hand in creating, oh and my cycling jersey, was not lost on me. 

i am taking the time to enjoy my little vacation, cherishing the solid friendships that i made during my time there, and am looking forward to seeing where the next chapter of my life will lead me. i am a person of exceptional mind, talent, and skill, and have no doubt in my mind that i will find something new to sink my claws into.

also, i am meeting up with an old childhood friend who is going to teach me how to breathe fire. that will indeed rock.

as you were.

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