batty (batty_) wrote,

avocado pudding.

in case i hadn't mentioned it yet, i am developing a paleo lifestyle. after the initial weight loss, i had years of just trying shit according to mainstream fitness experts and nothing worked out too well. i started going paleo about 2 months ago and just managed to cut out my consumption of peanuts and peanut butter, AND my daily "protein bar" which was really a pseudo-chocolate log of chemicals. i cannot say that i will be uber hardcore paleo, but what i have done has made a world of difference for me.

anyway, i read a lot of blogs on the subject [shocker there], and came across this recipe earlier today:

scroll down. you see it? yes, that would be pudding made from avocado. i am a huge avocado addict so i was all "YEAH BRING THAT SHIT ON"

i used almond milk and honey, and actually put it in my blender to make it creamier. it ended up very mousse like. i stirred in some 60% cacao chocolate chips, spooned it into individual cups, and let it sit in the fridge for a while. right before serving, i whipped up [pun intended] some whipped cream with a bit of honey and vanilla.

holy hell, this shit was amazing. actually, i put too many chocolate chips in there, and for me and my chocolate addiction, that's saying a lot. it was creamy and sweet and just fantastic. i could taste the hint of avocado probably because i made it, but D took a long time guessing what the green was.oh, i also fporgot to put in the lemon juice.

anyway, thought i'd share. i also wrote my entry for the accountability challenge and it is short but sweet. i'm chomping at the bit to share this week's photo, but i'll save the suspense for wednesday.

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