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fitcast blog is up

my pic absolutely sucks this week. i am making a point to take pics before my free day instead of after, it makes a difference. see previous post.

like i said in my writeup, one of my biggest issues was all the damn binging i'd have during that time of the month. i was a carb addict. the bad ones, anyway. previously, i tried doing bready/starchy carbs in moderation, but my weak ass wouldn't tell me when to stop. i gave up milk chocolate a long time ago and would only eat 70% and up if the urge arose, but i *still* could not control myself. so i gave it up altogether. that absolutely sucked.

however, changing up my eating habits helped a hell of a lot. increasing my protein and healthy fat intake has helped immensely. i am able to feel fuller longer and keep the muscle i have. the last time i consumed rice was at thanksgiving, i believe. i can't remember the last time i had a potato. pasta...god, maybe 6-8 months ago. my free day is saturday where we indulge in some french toast or pancakes, and now that pretty much satiates my need for the stuff. i get my carb intake from fruit, vegetables, beans, and lentils. i've actually adapted some paleo diet philosophy but i'm not going strict with that.

oh, and sugar. i'm down to something like 30g of sugar a day, 7-10g of that being refined, the rest coming from natural sources. this is a huge improvement.

there is a mug on my desk at work that contains a small handful of hershey's kisses and a gingerbread man chocolate pop that i got from a vendor at christmas. it remains untouched. last week, we got some foody gifts from a vendor, which included these small pastry-like tubes filled with chocolate. they were only, like, 3" long and 1/4" in diameter. i ate one. it made me feel so incredibly bloated.

now, my addictions are my detour lower sugar protein bar and the tablespoon of cocoa i put in my protein shake. i'd like to get rid of the protein bar but i love it too much.

using my polar, i determined that i needed 2100 calories to maintain my daily activity. this is *without* working out. to achieve fat loss, i set a limit of about 1850 calories a day. doing too much of a calorie deficit will cause your body to start chowing down on your muscle, and that's not good.

this is the point where i state yet again that you need to eat, and it is probably more thank you think it is.

exercise wise, last week was a real bummer because of being laid up. my workouts were kind of weak. its been a little mentally taxing and i freaked out a bit about losing this past month's progress. however, seeing this as an opportunity to improve my weak ass UB strength instead of being deprived of my burpees and deadlifts has helped. just in the past week alone i've increased my pulldown weight by 10-20 lbs. i'm at 90 lbs on bench, 100 on overhand pulldowns and 150 on underhand. one of these days ill have enough UB strength to do a pullup or two.

i've lost 5lbs since i've started, and according to my calipers, 3 lbs of that has been fat. the experts dont write about this stuff for nothing, their advice really works.

also, i covet carrie's boobs. damn you, breastfeeding.

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