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skiing, the long version

so i am still totally couch bound and its driving me nuts. well, i need coffee and to go pee and since i am upstairs and the coffee is downstairs, i've been having to go downstairs on occasion. of course, murphy's law states that you will trudge your way downstairs for something, get sidetracked and grab something else, go back upstairs, realize you forgot the first item and have to do the stairs again. i am not good with this.

so, yes. this weekend was the ski trip dennis gave our little patchwork family for christmas. our accomodations qwere at the tamarack club which is just at the base of the slopes, so it was just completely awesome to emerge from the hotel, put on the skis, and hit the lifts.

for reference: holiday valley trail map
we arrived just in time to get boog over to his ski class, so D did that and i spent my time organizing our food and equipment because i am OCD like that. then conner, D, and i went up for a while. i was a bit anxious because i am still a n00b and lack self confidence. D is all "oh you'll be fine" and in retrospect i should have really done something easier to warm up, but we did mardi gras first. and i flipped the fuck out because it was steep. and, if you reference the map, a shitload of black diamonds spur off of it so that didn't really help much.

there's really not much you can do. you have two options: stand there until the end of time, or go down. i chose the latter and i survived, and requested we do something a bit easier for a while.

holiday valley's hills are a heck of a lot steeper than peak n' peek's.

at that point, boog's class was over so D went to teach him some more and conner and i got some bonding/skiing time for a few more hours. we took candy cane down to tannenbaum llodge and did all the trails on the right side of the map. the tannenbaum trail sucked, it was full of ice.

we went back to the room for dinner, which was pizza. we had a microwave and a fridge in the room, so we brought our own food to save some money. i premade some crusts and some ground turkey. also, made about 3 dozen chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies made with honey, no refined sugar, and good fats. those lasted till, like, sunday morning. we absolutely did not want to relive the arby's incident from last time. gross. also present was a boatload of trail mix, string cheese & goldfish [boog's requirements], hummus, random vegetables.

boog was pooped, and the magic carpet was closed so he couldnt really ski anymore. conner was a bit pooped so D and i headed out after dinner. i showed him where conner and i went in the afternoon, as i guess it's pretty new. each ride down i was able to gain more control, helping me with my confidence and increase my speed. the last few runs that evening, D said that was pretty much as fast as you'd wanna go without being reckless, so go me.

went back to the room, D grabbed conner to go out, and boog and i changed into our swimsuits and hit the pool. the pool is half indoors, half outdoors. and, heated so you don't freeze your ass off when you hit the outside part. except, i dont think they heated it enough so its kind of novel for the first 10 minutes, and you feel all cool because you're swimming outside and there's snow on the ground. and then the temp of the water gets annoying so you go back in.

boog and i were completely passed out when D and conner came back.

sunday morning i was the first one up at 6am, got my shower, made some coffee, and headed outside for the morning cig. it was really peaceful, everything was dark and the only sounds were the humming of the snow machines and the occasional snowmobile. the hotel staff were starting their way in, one of them mentioned the air temp being 5 below at that moment. no wonder i couldnt feel my ears.

i brought along the toaster for the english muffins and we had bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches with sundried tomatoes. completely from the microwave, even!

since boog can only really do the magic carpet area, we agreed to take shifts - one person would stay with boog, 2 would go out. boog is so funny, once again taking after his mother with his OCD. he spent HOURS just going up the magic carpet and down the hill, over and over and over again. D said that he told boog it was time to go in for a little bit to warm up and boog about had a shitfit. that's my boy.

but...D and i were up there by 8am. the lift guy said that it had warmed up to a whopping 6 degrees! awesome. i am glad i decided to put on an extra layer.

nothing eventful happened that morning. D expressed his happiness about finally having a girlfriend to ski with. i managed to kick back a few of the harder slopes. the snow was a bit crunchier than the day before, so i had to dig in a bit harder. overall, i think i fell down only 3 times during the whole trip.

my bone of contention was northwind [top middle of map]. it's a fun slope, but a diamond passes right through it, so there is this one section that is really, really treacherous. the first time i went down it, i hit that part, tried to find an easy way out, and got stuck on top of an incredibly steep slope. second time i remembered a better way to go, but then i crashed out. 3rd time, i made it all the way through without even trying.

went back to the hotel to grab conner, and he and i went out and pretty much hit everything. successfully tackled morningstar, did a couple more times on northwind, then headed to the newer stuff on the right of the map again.

and then....crystal. crystal was tough - a but steeper than the other hills, and long. halfway through i had to stop to rest a bit because my thighs were screaming. met up with conner, although he took off again, and i ventured the rest of the way down, which was steeper than the first half. i was doing really good - there was a couple of times where i started accelerating a bit too fast for my liking and was able to curb it back without falling.

the bottom of crystal is pretty steep. i wasn't too worried and kept doing what i was doing. i spied conner at the bottom by the lift, so i went to turn a bit towards him.

and that's when the hell happened. as i was turning, i hit a hard bit of ice which made me slip and fall back. in my fall, the inside egde of my left ski caught the ice and stuck. so, the front of my ski stayed in place while the rest of me moved forward. my left leg bent back under me and over to the left. now, i do this move all the time, just not at this alarming speed.

and that's when i felt the pop that i swear to god echoed throughout the cavities of my body. and i remember saying to myself, "huh. that can't be good."

you know in the movies when some character falls off a building or is about to crash, and everything goes into slow motion and you're still watching the character in real time having an entire conversation with himself? yeah, it was like that.

i was all of 30 feet from the bottom.

i hit the ground and more than likely rattled off a long line of expletives that probably offended everyone in line. conner rushed up to see if i was ok. i said, "uh, no. i think you better get someone." so he ran over to the lift operator and asked him to get the ski patrol.

i am still in my left-leg-bent-under me position. both skis are still on. er, i think. i dont remember now. i slowly pulled my left leg out from under me and that really, really sucked. tried to stand up, but that wasn't happening. got my skis off and managed to scoot on my ass to the side of the slope. tried standing up again [because, you know, shock is awesome] and i did manage to hobble around a bit, but i didnt put a lot of perssure on my leg.

thats when ski patrol chick showed up. she asked if i was the injured skiier and i said yes. she asked if i was comfortable riding on the snowmobile or if i'd rather be pulled in the sled. i'm all "hell no, i'm riding the snowmobile." so off to the ski patrol station i went, and conner headed back to the lodge to tell D.

we hit the first aid station and another guy came out and started saying my name. i'm standing there wondering how in the HELL he knew my name. turned out, ski patrol girl's name was also amanda. hah.

so, i sat around for a while in a reclined bed with a ziploc bag full of snow on my knee. eventually they managed to get my ski boots off. amusing, i was remarking just how well my heavy lifting was doing because i was able to maneuver myself *really* well in my boots this time.

called D on my cell, and the plan was that conner would stay at the lodge with boog, who, at this point, had skiied the magic carpet area SO MANY TIMES that he was literally falling over with exhaustion and cranky because he wanted to keep going. poor little guy. D would ski over to me with my regular boots, the ski patrol would return my skis, and i would get a shuttle to the main lodge.

so that's what we did.

this was taken a but after the shuttle dropped us off. that tape is holding the cardboard splint that ski patrol girl put on me.

ski patrol recommended an orthopedic clinic that was right around the corner from the resort, so that was where we headed next, even though we were all tired, hungry, and boog was delirious. i got some x-rays clad in some pretty sexy oversized paper shorts, and then got my brace. I gave the crutches back to the doctor so they could return them to the ski patrol.

The ride home was one of the longest rides of my life. it hurt. i couldnt keep my leg elevated very well and although the ice helped somewhat, it was just damn uncomfortable. we touched home about 9pm, only an hour after waht we were shooting for.

now i am couchbound for the next day or so. i have to assess whether or not i can be mobile tomorrow to go into work. walking sucks. doing stairs sucks. hell, *moving* sucks. and seeing as y'all know how active i am, this is absolute hell.

here's the knees, taken a couple of hours ago:

its the one on the right side, my left. which is glaringly obvious by the lines from my brace. also, that my knee area is about 2305973057x the size of the regular one. you can also see some slight discoloration due to bruising on the top left of the knee.

and here is my sex-ay IMMOBILIZER [you have to say it all shouty and future-cop style. every time] installed. i wanted to get an EVL sticker for it, but the store was closed by the time we finished eating :(

as for that accountability contest, i'm still doing it. if there's any time i need to be held accountable, its now. i can still work on upper body and minor, minor cardio, and i've got some other plans in place. rest assured i am not going to overdo it, remember i just plunked down $800 on a bike. i'd hate to see that go to waste.

also i'd like to thank my mad flexibility for being so accomodating on the putting on and the removal of clothing when there is nobody else to assist.

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