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i think i have a new neighbor. said neighbor keeps leaving food out for the damn animals and they've now picked up on it. fortunately, i have boog well trained to know that if he sees any animal in the yard that is not one of our kitties, to run back inside right away. every time i see one of the critters nosing around in the backyard, i scare them off.

this season's cast of characters so far:

fatass the raccoon, who is prety much hopeless anyway because he relies on the dumpsters for food. so sad.
the skunk. haven't named him yet. he is out by the sparrow tree every evening and just after the sun rises.
the occasional possum
the woodpecker
the hawk
the hummingbird
the @)$(#@%$ geese that come up from the pond in the valley below
and the deer, although the herd seems to be a little small this year and less fequent. their path is still in the grass in the yard, though.

i did not get to bike last night because of a stupid situation that is now, in retrospect, comedic. fortunately limbik saved me with coors light. the next two days are filled with biking goodness, thursday i'm doing recon with another member of the adventure group to scope out new, rigorous ways through the metroparks for the group.

also, thank you for the email addresses yesterday, i obvs did not email you all but i got the testing i needed. blackberries are sometimes stupid.
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