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Holy cow it's me

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[03 Apr 2005|06:03pm]
[ mood | creative ]

New journal.
I need to start over.
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I have no life [03 Apr 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | selfish/lame/ ]

I had fun at Courtney's yesterday/last night/this morning/this afternoon. We were in Ahwatukee all day at Wal Mart and Ross and Teds Hot Dogs and such. It was a lot of fun. We sat on boxes and listened to the radio in Wal Mart for over an hour. Then in Ross we just walked around. And Ted's was fun. This new guy working there kept screwing up but we thought he was cute. And then uh we went back to her house and we were full/bad mood so we just listened to music til we fell asleep. Woke up in a much better mood. Had an omlette and watched Emperor's Club again. Came home. Cleaned. Wrote in my livejournal.

I am selfish. I'm lame. I have no life.
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[02 Apr 2005|10:11am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm spending the night at Courtney's tonight.
It's gonna be fun.
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Story before I go to school [29 Mar 2005|07:03am]
[ mood | upset tummy ]

So I'm on Yahoo cause I wanted to watch the Ride The Wings Of Pestilence video (still stuck in my head) and when it ends ya know what comes on?!?

Freakin Ciara doin that 1 2 Step thing of hers.


That's right I said w-t-f. I mean honestly if I wanted that hXc gangster crap I'd have looked it up myself. I can not believe that just happened.

Haha...wow music is my personal drama. But hey, it's a lot better than someone getting mad cause you said whatever after they said 'ty'.

Yeah...I'm pretty mean. I should probably stop.
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I'm just not specific enough [28 Mar 2005|05:18pm]
[ mood | teen drama + stomach pains ]

So last night was a lot of fun. I felt like a bit of a 'buzzkill' if you will though cause I didn't talk much. Just danced and listened to the music. I had fun though. I got a Steps To Lydia CD. I felt pretty bad for the guy in Down In Front who had to duck tape his pic to his thumb so he could play. But you gotta respect the determination to play though. Paint The Sky Red was the 4th band to go I think. I was afraid I wasn't gonna get to see them cause it was 8 something when they set up and me and Sara had to leave at 5. But they came on and I saw the full set. The lead singer Brian's so cute... I loved it. They kept starting to play Ride The Wings Of Pestilence and by the end the band just kept playing even though Brian didn't know the words. It was cute it made me laugh.

Man I felt like such a dork there. I always do. Cause I never talk to anyone else or try to make friends. Everybody else there is basically friends with everyone else so I never think they really wanna talk to some little 8th grader. So I just kinda stood there and laughed at this guy who danced. It was cute. He was in Paint The Sky Red but I'm not sure who he was. I almost cried from laughing so hard at the surrener the booty sign out front of the place. Immature I know...

And so uh yeah...that was basically my night. I had fun. Sorry it's so long.
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My sister just called me a fucker [27 Mar 2005|03:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Happy Easterrrrrrr.
I got lucky and got my sisters yoyo that was in her basket.
I'm probably one of the luckiest children out there.
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Paint The Sky Red tomorrow with Sara♥ [26 Mar 2005|04:43pm]
[ mood | getting better ]

I think everyone who can get there should get there. It's tomorrow at 5 at a lovely little place called Neckbeards.

Bleh...I've been sick all day. It sucks but I'm glad if I had to be sick this weekend it was today and not tomorrow. Mom's bringing home soup and 7Up though so it should help cause I didn't eat breakfast I didn't feel good enough.
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Umm..how bout soom goodbyetomorrow? [25 Mar 2005|11:37am]
[ mood | okay ]

The Matches are gonna be here tonight. With Plain White T's and Waking Ashland. I'm not going. Hoorah.

Courtney's parents hate me and are thinking of putting her in a different high school so we can't hang out anymore. Double hoorah. I depress her all the time that's why she was crying when I was on the phone with her.

And the school called Liz cause they hang out all the time and Liz doesn't even like her? Alright. I'll buy it.

Teen Drama? I'd much rather prefer "Teen Heat" instead. At least that's something I can dance to. Heheh, I love sarcasm.

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It's 12:23 and this awkward silence is getting to me oh how I hate that feeling [23 Mar 2005|04:50pm]
[ mood | absolutely entertained ]

Morning chorus sucked as always.
Only one more practice and I'm done.
Then 1st period sucked.
I jammed to NSYNC in 2nd period.
Wrote over a page in 3rd period.
Some about myself and how I wear a mask around basically everyone.
Some about Courtney.
Then more about myself I think.
4th and 5th were not needed.
Lunch was fun.
Me and Courtney got some cookie dough that tasted like peanut butter fudge.
6th I listened to music.
7th I listed to music in my mind.
8th I played team handball with Julie and Danielle.
Rode the bus home with Courtney and had fun.

I hate when people call you names for no reason.
Like if you're just sitting there takling to them and they call you a whore or something.
"Just kidding!" They'll say.
Yeah...that totally makes it alright now.
Me and Courtney talked about that and we agree it's dumb and not needed.
And it's amazing how people can get such joy saying how much they hate someone.
How they wanna hurt them and stuff.
Once again something I wouldn't do.

"I heard that you were talking shit
And you didn't think that I would hear it"

"Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out"

"Gonna make you fall, gonna sock it to you
That's right I'm the last one standing, another one bites the dust"

I heard that song Hollaback Girl in the car yesterday.
That's where I got those lines.
There are so many chicks at my school that remind of that man it's funny.
So so sad.
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Why do I get put in certain moods cause someone else is in that mood? [21 Mar 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | yeah... ]

So today sucked like I said?
It was as good as a first day back from break could get I guess...
I felt even more out of touch I guess?
I dunno.
Loneliness sucks.
First and probably only time I will ever say this in a post.
I want a boyfriend.
That's right.
But I got my wife so everythings good?
I walked her home today...
She didn't feel too good.
Had a 'deep' conversation in third period today...
About real life and what not.
What is and what isn't.
Had me thinking for a while...
I wish school were over.
I hate it.
I'm sure this quarter will be the longest one cause it's the last one.
Oh joy.
I'm going now I have tv to watch.
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School's gonna suck tomorrow [20 Mar 2005|01:39pm]
[ mood | gonna be hyper soon ]

So this weekend was great?
I had a lot of fun.
After ya know being stuck in the car for about six hours with a sick sister and a mom on the verge of sickness herself.
Yeah that part was pretty gross but we got here around 12:30 yesterday and I called Courtney to see if she could hang out.
I gave her a snap bracelet and the Absolution CD from Muse.
Me and Courtney got officially married by Karri.
We walked around for a while and then went back to her house and were out of it for a while.
Fought a little bit so we wouldn't be so tired.
Had coffee.
Watched Saw and Angels Crest.
Fell asleep.
Woke up around 12 and looked like I had a hangover.
Tripped on her stairs when my mom came.
Had some hot dogs and two cans of soda.
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I saw Diary Of A Mad Black Woman today [18 Mar 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | hah that thing looks crazy ]

I'm coming home tomorrow.
I am pretty darn excited.
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Thursday [17 Mar 2005|01:51pm]
[ mood | better than yesterday ]

So it's safe to say I'm ready to come back home.
I can't say I've had too much fun out here.
I've been bored,
pissed off,
and tired most of the time.
Tomorrow's my last full day here.
Then I get to go back home where people miss me?
Actually I did have a little fun before dinner yesterday.
I went shopping and got 4 or 5 pairs of pants 3 shirts the underoath cd and a belt.
It was fun.
Me and my mom got little kids meals at Burger King.
Yeah the mall was fun.
I'd like to hear that Troop101 song June 2nd seeing as how that is my birthday and all...but of course there no speakers on my aunt's computer so I gotta wait til I go home Saturday.
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Toothpaste = Crack [15 Mar 2005|11:51am]
[ mood | better ]

First update since I got to California Sunday.
Today didn't start out so well.
I felt so gross and sick I hated it.
Then my mom gave me Peptobismol and I felt better.
And I just had some soup.
And watched Mr. Rogers.
It made me smile.
This guy was making balloon animals and he made a bear with a flower sitting in a heart.
It was so cute I loved it.
And Lucky rested on my slipper while I was eating it was cute.
Me and my mom are gonna go see Be Cool today.
I wanna talk to Courtney.
I wanted to call her while I was sick cause she'd probably know what to do.
I hope she's ok...
She's got crazy relatives coming over so I hope she doesn't get hurt.
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[12 Mar 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Oh man.
Today was a good day.
Even though I woke up at around 5 somethin in the morning.
I helped Courtney with the garage sale.
Sold soda with her.
Laid out on the driveway for a while.
Found out Toc sold out.
Went to The Duke.
Went back to Courtney's.
Hung outside.
Ate chinese.
Took lots and lots of pictures.
So much fun.
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