i don't think my voice is that strange sounding in real life...
maybe it is and i'm livin a lie to myself...
oh well oh well oh well.

i woke up around 11 today, took a shower, watched une femme est une femme, took a nap+woke up at 4...
this week better be goood.

ps, my phone is on it's last leg. charge holds for 5 or 6 hours, tops.
getting a new phone is weekend. :]


there's 24 hours in a day
i used to split it 8-8-8
8 work
8 sleep
8 for play
now i give it all it takes.
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lately i've been enjoying...

-researching space and different philosophical movements on my own, simply because i want to.
-personal routines.
-eating only when i'm hungry. paying attention to what i actually crave.
-having one-on-one conversations with my teachers. keeping up appearances. saying the right things.
-having a core group of friends! we all have the same interests and sense of humor, yet we're different in our own ways.
-making themed itunes music playlists.
-acknowledging i won't have to go to my 2 hour long precalc final! seeing as i've already failed this semester and know i'm retaking the class next semester...
-taking film pictures with my 35mm again.
-doing my easy homework on the bus ride home after school, while listening to talking heads and justice.
-spending hours in barnes & noble after school, drinking soy chais and reading every book that pops out to me.
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hello 2008

-stop skipping meals, stop snacking so much
-take vitamins
-pay attention to what makes me happy
-be more assertive for my own happiness/those around me
-find things to do instead of whining about being bored
-make a list of the books i read throughout the year
-make it more of a habit to write in my paper journal
-go out more/be less reclusive
-TAKE DRIVER'S ED. what is wrong with me. i'm going to be 18 in september and i still haven't taken driver's ed. plus my parents are offering to buy me a car/at least pay for most of it. fjghhkg.
-drink less
-move on
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summer 2008

ohh my gosh.
my mother informed me that this summer we're taking a 3 week long trip somewhere. ahah we spent the whole car ride to my school contemplating where to go. i wanted to go to japan but it might be too expensive...

so we decided to go to poland and visit some of her friends and my family, drive to prague, and then take a train to vienna after that.

we're definitely going to warsaw, krakow, prague and vienna.

i'm gonna drink pharisäer every day in vienna,

ahaha coffee with whipped cream and irish cream/rum.

i went to the bookstore today and copied many things out of travel books :D
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