Ben got some chickens today so he can have organic eggs.

He let me name them, so I called them after items on the KFC menu, so now we have Twister and Zinger. I'll post pics soon.

Too Fat?

Well we went on Friday anyway, just to check out what was on and I was already in cyber gear, and it turned out to be a Rolling Stones tribute band night and I turned around and heard a group of girls muttering that I was fat and disgusying, so I asked them what their problem was and they were like 'do your parents know you go out dressed like that? I can't even look at you, it's sickening.' so what with recently losing my dad and being that badly insulted - I ran out in tears.

Then I went to a kebab shop in Wellingborough and some drunk 40-something woman sat next to me and starts going 'oooh like you need to eat a kebab - you're fat enough already, I'd have stopped eating months ago if I was your weight.' and carried on in a similar way for about 10 minutes then some guy jumped in and said 'excuse me, but I happen to think she's gorgeous' and some other random bloke jumped in and goes 'well i think she's an ugly, fat heffer...'
So I ran out crying yet again.

This is what I was wearing. Surely I didn't deserve such harsh words, but tell me honestly, am I too fat for cybergear?
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Is there a limit to how many pics you can upload or can i give someone free access to my journal and let them add two entries with loads of pics. I've done most of the programming and i can send you that too, but it just needs something to stop it throwing up errors and i can't for the life of me remember what it is.
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Ebaaaaayyyy (For Zollipops)

FAO zollipops

Hey - sign up to ebay then let me know your username so I can sign u up to my newsletter so you can see when i get new tongue bars and stuff in. cuz I've got LOADS of stuff on offer now, and I bet some of your friends would love it too.

I'm just buying in new shipments of curved barbells, coloured titanium bars and hoops, tongue studs, UV/rave earrings and tongue studs. It's like camden market but on my shop! lol. I'll send newsletters showing new products, and if you want to impress Steve at all, I'm also starting selling sexy undies!! ;)

Btw, had to post on here cuz your work email address isn't working for me again. Send an email to me off it so I can just hit reply on it in the future!

Oh and this isn't just limited to zollipops, anyone with any piercings who wants to buy cheap jewellery on ebay for them, just ask me for the address to go to. :)
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I have flu.

I haven't updated in ages.
It's my nan's birthday. Wow, this means all the badly irritatinf members of my family will flood my house, moan that I have too many piercings or I've gained weight and generally pick apart every part of me/my life.

I got the bottom of my belly button pierced, and my Christina redone and my tragus. So I bloody well hurt all over, and the Christina's embedding itself in my skin again, the belly button one seems to be going infected and I finally got my tragus one changed to a BCR so it stopped embedding itself in my ear. Go me.

I have flu, so I feel like shit.

I had a panic attack yesterday cuz my liver sorta area started hurting and Richard made it worse by making a big fuss and making out like the pain was serious, despite me shouting 'shut up, I'm having a panic attack, no, no, no, shut up, shut up, you're making it worse, why won't you shut up? PLEASE just shut up, god, please just stop it, no, no, no, stop, please stop, just stop, shut up...' etc.
What a dick.

I have to start my new job next Monday and my car's still mangled. Joy.

Christmas cards!

I'm writing Christmas Cards!

If you want one off me (doesn't matter where in the world you're from) email me on iwantmymtv@hotmail.com (put the subject line as :Xmas Card Address) and I'll send you a card, only catch is... I'll send you my address back and I expect one in return and I want to see how many cards from my LJ friends around the world i can get!

Car Crash

Well I was involved in a bad car crash on Friday.
Not my fault but my insurance are saying it is, to get out of paying me anything.

So I have to pay recovery costs and whatnot at £208, cuz I so have that now First Point sacked me just before Christmas with the excuse that Phoenix forgot to fill in one form on my reference.

Oh whatever.

So anyway, Friday: i was trying to get out of going to hospital but they wouldnt let me. (I'd planned with Dave to go out every day for that entire week and Friday was the CyberKitten XTREME XMAS EXTRAVAGANZA) But no, i was strapped to a backboard by my ankoles, knees, thighs, then my arms by my sides, my shoulders, then i had a this plastic neck collar on and a big foam head brace wth my chin and forehead strapped to the board too.

Now imagine how chlostorophobic that is.. then imagine it for four hours!

Fantastic, I've got severe whiplash


I'm off to Budapest in 7 hours. I'll actually be on the plane, scred stiff cuz I hate flying!

Then it's my birthday, the day I get back - Tuesday the 7th, and I'm still trying to see how many people I can get to send me cards! Any takers, come on.
If you're in the Uk, it's cheap to post a card!
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It's my birthday on the 7th. All those who know me really well, I expect cards off! :oP

Send me a message if you genuinely want my address to post me one!

I'm off to Budapest for my birthday though. Yay, go me! :o)

Oh, and rate me on here: http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=A8OQGUE&key=DSD
It's just a bit of a laugh I'm having with my mates over who's 'hotter'.
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