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Look At The Stars

Look how they shine for you.

Lisa ♥

Hey guys! I'm Lisa. I'm 16 and a Junior in highschool. I have played clarinet for 7 years and I want to teach band when I grow up...cause I'm just that cool. I'm the drum major for my highschool's marching band. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite color is green. Feel free to add me to your friends list, and make sure you leave me a comment so that I know to add you back. xoxo


Cool Sites;
I can't describe this. It's just cool. - Looptracks
Paint pictures and share with friends! - Artpad
Mine is Bramble Icefrost. - Find Your Fairy Name
A slightly modified version of breakout. - Breakit Game
Lots of weird little things to do. - I-Am-Bored
Description, downloads, music, etc. - Smallville
A strange addiction of mine. - Japanese Streets
A huge virtual pet site. - Neopets