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Sep. 2nd, 2006


i had like 52789529 dreams last night,
and all of them were about me and bill together.
it makes me sick to my stomach.

5 hours until steph gets here...please hurry...

Jun. 24th, 2006

Happy Fairy Day!

Bill gave me a really pretty ring bc he remembered our 11 month anniversary! Awww! ♥

Jun. 20th, 2006


Eww I just realized I have a dentist appt. in 1 hour. :( I hate the dentist...

So yesterday Bill's mom was driving to lexington so we just went with her to hang out hahah. We ate at Abuelos for the 1st time and Sarah and I ordered off the kids menu cause we just wanted tacos! LOL..then we hung out at the mall and saw Nacho Libre. We wanted to see something else but we didn't have time. Then we took Bill to his trumpet lesson and got drinks at Arbys. Then I had to work from 8-midnight. Bleh....Actually, it's the most fun shift I've worked so far. I'm getting better at the register too.

Sad news: Missy, the gerbil, has passed away. I was in tears when I watched Julie kiss it on the head and whisper "I'll miss you"...mom was afraid Chrissy would die of depression so yesterday I ran by the pet store before work and got her a new friend! I dont know what her name is yet. Any ideas?

♥ Lisa

Jun. 14th, 2006

kind-of update

out of school.
working at kroger.
kings island w/ bill.
great american brass band festival.
band picnic.
a bazillion books to read for ap english.
memorizing show for band.

shopping yesterday:
  • 2 shirts from wet seal
  • huge sunglasses from wet seal (reg $8 on sale for &1!)
  • mini skirt from gap (with birthday gift card)
  • warm vanilla sugar body splash/lotion from bath & body works
  • sweet pea shampoo from bath & body works
  • lock/key for locker @ kroger from target
  • watermelon & vanilla lip smackers from target
  • almay blemish healing concealer from target
  • May. 25th, 2006

    (no subject)

    Mr. Page, my band director and honestly my best friend in the whole world, has quit for a job at Henderson county. :*(

    ...This is THE WORST possible timing ever too...

    Apr. 28th, 2006

    Bill's Prom

    Bill's prom in like, 24 hours!
    I'm like running around trying to get everything done and get myself ready lol...I can't wait!

    Mar. 20th, 2006


    So I made a new LJ.
    (I have my reasons.)
    If you want to, add me.


    Mar. 10th, 2006


    OMG I'M SO NERVOUS ABOUT MY GSA AUDITION TOMARROW MORNING PLEASE WISH ME LUCK!!! PRETTY PLEASE? I NEED SOME ENCOURAGING WORDS OR SOMETHING. HOW DO I CALM DOWN??? I won't be able to play. I'll be too nervous to get a sound out of my clarinet. I've been waiting for this all year and all of the sudden it's time!


    Mar. 6th, 2006


    Mar. 5th, 2006

    I just can't look, it's killing me

    and taking controlCollapse )

    ♥ Lisa

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