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_________________ you understand the union of woman ( and ) man. [entries|friends|calendar]
• queendee

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6:53pm May 29th]
Delete me here. ;) I'm gonna use this journal for private shit.
add me here ; _mindset

Bye Bye ( authentik__ ) [Saturday
2:42am May 28th]
mkay, here's the deal. I need another eljay name change ;) Just because I feel like i started a new chapter in life today ? lmao. i'm such a dork. no but seriously, i'm a fucken senior homie! hells yes. & um, you people under 16 blogging about your man and middle school things ? you don't interest me anymore. I don't want to be mean or nothing but have some diversity in your entries, jeez.

Find me ? :] & take care if I didn't readd you (i'm not done, i'm just going to bed right now ).

My Southern Hospitality [Tuesday
6:26pm May 3rd]

(( opens up in windows mediaplayer ))
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