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23 May 1988
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Hi! My name is Maddy but I prefer to go by Liz on teh intarweb, cause I like it more ;P Anyways um.. I'm a gamer, aspiring to be a game designer. My favorite series is probably Final Fantasy, but I love others, like Zelda, Mario, and many more. I'm currently working full-time at a big, fancy hotel as a busgirl, and I love it there. I'm also going to community college now so I can prep for my bachelor's degree program this fall in Game Art & Design at Expression College for Digital Arts. Err what else. I dunno, I like a lot of things, so I can't exactly list them all >D I'll just say I'm open-minded, generally likeable, and I love to have fun.


I have an icon journal, secksi_icons, that you can browse or friend freely, but I don't update it anymore. Just please remember to credit me if you're taking something. I do have AIM and MSN, but you have to let me know if you want to be added. Just like my LJ, they're friends-only.


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