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Spoondrift [Jun. 13th, 2006|03:46 pm]
You known you're from 69th when you understand any of this:
  • "Pig? That's stupid, it should be Ratfink!"~~Jamie Woods
  • "I popped my pretzel's cherries!!"~~Selena Wiley
  • "Dude! I  love my ring! It's invisible and it says 'Neil rocks the house'!!~~Neil Cummings
  • "Peter Pan list his _______." "virginity!" ~~Sarah Kyle playing Taboo
  • "Definitely definitely definitely...you can have liek a couple"~~Sarah Skolnik
  • "Peacock juice!" aka picachu~~Selena Wiley
  • "School buses are on these..." "spinners!"~~Julia Schwemmer
  • "Austin, you're small. No seriously, you're teeny, now get under the damn bed!"~~Julia trying desperatly to find her phone so she an hook up
  • "YOU don't understand! I NEED to hook up tonight Jamie. Please, he's sooo hottt. He's the best at it. Olay, I'm going to brush my teeth now so I can hook up"~~Julia
  • Peebles the Spanish speaking whale
  • "The only ting I care about with week right now is smoking more of it"~~Kamill
  • "I'm not drunk! I'm prefectly normally fine!"~~Jamie
  • "Eddie, c'mon, you're done, no more to drink"~~Jamie..."Fuck this shit. You're a mother fucking bitch, you slut"~~Eddie..."Alrighty then"~~Jamie
  • "Your nails are so short...just like your crotch"~~Julia
  • "I'm not drinking any salad!"~~Eddie
  • "Why is the chair vibrating!?!?"~~Sarah Skolnik
  • "Anyone want a titty grahm?"~~Lauren Conley
  • "Throughout this week I've seen every crevice of these girls bodies"~~Selena
  • "That's what makes Eddie Eddie, he was bron with a blunt in his hand"~~Selena
  • "It sucks that we're best friends 'cause you have short legs and I have long legs"~~Liz Flamm and Courtney Bryant
  • "I'm all noodley! I feel like a flipping noodle!"~~Sarah Skolnik
  • "It sucks that my noodles are longer than yours"~~Liz
  • "Jamie, give me your lip gloss because it makes me look hott"~~Julia
  • "Those smooties tasted like moldy corners of old rooms!"~~Julia
  • "You guys are here for a good time right? Well you don't need to bring alcohol into it"~~the OC police
  • "Dude, lets go to Tubby's...I'm getting cheesesteaks for everyboby!"~~Eddie
  • "You know what you guys need in your life? A little *squeak* *squeak*"~~Eddie using Peebles as a happy maker.
  • "I'm goin unda!"~~Julia trying to get under the bed
  • "Julia, what did we say about beer tears?"..."Beer tears are baaad"~~Julia as she lay sobbing in Casey's lap
  • "I can't see you guys!"..."Julia, your eyes are closed"
  • "I'm not gonna lie"~~Charlie Coleman, as he pukes in the toilet
  • "Mothat fucka for WHAAAT!"~~Charlie
  • "Austin is the mutha fuckin' salu...salva..datorean!"~~Charlie
  • "She has a bf?"..."yea, 'my-cahh'"..."my-caw"..."no, my-CHA, he's from an indian tribe"~~Julia and Jamie
  • "Put some butterfly clips in that shit and call it a day"~~Casey talking about Ashlii's hair
  • "This is the hot part! The steamy part! steamylicious!"~~Christina Stanton
  • "We're going to the crunkhouse! SYKE...steahouse biotch!"~~Julia
  • Liz: "Come back"...Courtney: "I'm here"...Liz: "Come back, no I'm telling my toughts to come back"
  • Crusty sketch...aka Selena
  • Gangsta faces of Julia and Lauren Brunt
  • Chronically out of control!!
  • "The day the land lord doesn't come, the cops come"~~Courtney
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