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I finally am getting around to posting pictures. I was dreading it to be quite honest!
We planned our Jacksonville, Florida wedding from Washington...the state. It was NO easy task so I enlisted in the help of a wedding planner. Honestly, she stressed me out more than helping me. I wound up taking more things into my own hands because she wasn't doing what she should have been. One example, I sent her pictures of the flowers I wanted and when I contacted the florist myself she had no idea I was even using her let alone the flowers I wanted!
The week before the wedding was one hell of a week. We had to put together the majority of things just days before because I couldn't travel with them. I shipped 15 boxes to Andy's mom and brought the rest of what we needed in 2 suitcases and a trunk. We got very little sleep the days before hand.
Sitting down at the head table though, I couldn't believe it had all come together. I did it! It turned out way more amazing than I thought it could have and everything fell into place. We were extremely lucky! I think it was all of the troubles we had planning ;)

(of course, tons of pictures!)

Rehearsal and dinner

We have a friend who is working on her up and coming photography business. Her soon to be husband was the best man at our wedding so she so kindly offered to take pictures at our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I never would have booked our photographer for the rehearsal but I am super glad Paulina was there.
Don't mind her stamp on the pictures, her wedding was in December and the last thing I wanted to do was bug her for the cd.

Wedding day!

I didn't even have a makeup trial but i loved the way it came out. (pre-finishing touches)

My mom putting on the bracelet that gave up both one hell of a time and my sister in the background checking on her stick on boobs. Poor girl is smaller than I am!

fixing my moms corsage, my aunt lacing me up and my bridesmaids running around frantic.

I spent so long looking for ties that weren't the stupid clip ons that men's wearhouse offers, and not a single one of the guys knew how to tie one.

Andy seeing me!

I pretty much had a death grip on my grandfather. I was SO freaking nervous.

Among the frantic rush to get ready, my wedding planner was yelling at me that the ceremony had started. I wasn't even close to being finished being laced up. Clearly, my aunt was in a rush too and forgot to pull the back panel over my undies! ( I wanted the top open and bottom covered). Luckily it tightened up nicely and nobody noticed until the reception when my sister fixed it!

It took me hours to paint our aisle runner just to have our wedding planner lose it after the
ceremony. This was the same tree and one of the fonts used on our invitation

I also hated the "bows" used on the pews, but oh well.

My bouquet. It wound up rubbing all over the front of my dress. Thank god for Shout wipes.

My brother, Andy's best man Mike, Andy, Andy's best man Matt

I really didn't care about any jumping pictures, but man the guys are awesome at it!

Bridal Party in the church. I am SO glad we didn't take too many pictures inside. The outside ones came out way more exciting.

Maid of honor and the co best men

My favorite pictures of the day are with the planes!

The only part of my make-up that I wasn't a fan of was the fact that she didn't cover up my dark circles enough. Although, I can't complain too much because like I said above, no make up trial! You should have seen me without anything though, i looked like I hadn't slept in days.

One of my favorites. Andy and his friends are ridiculous. Matt felt left out that the maid of honor got to help me, so he went to help andy.

My brother messing with the flower girl.

I Love the flower girl getting all sassy too!

Oh yeah, he was totally photobombing my alone pictures on purpose.

He spent more time looking for his shoes than I did! They were definitely awesome though.

We all just wanted to eat!

Recreation of our engagement picture that was on our save the dates!

I LOVE that I didn't even have to worry about chair covers.

Head table...sort of. We had the two best men with their significant others and my maid of honor.

All of the printed napkins, I sewed with some help from Andy. The site coordinator used some around the cocktail hour area as decorations so she replaced the table ones with ivory ones. It definitely all worked out and i'm glad. There's no way I would have been able to make anymore. i was SO sick of my sewing machine!

I also made all of our table numbers.

We spent HOURS sitting on the floor of thrift stores going through books to find the ones printed between 1930-1950. Our at home book shelf looks awesome now!

Our cake and cake topper were not friends! That's why it wound up sitting in front of the cake. It actually disappointed me more than it should have. I took the time to paint my hair a closer shade to what i have and i made sure my shoes were green. But I really liked our topper and HATE roses.

Bathroom baskets were cleaned out by the end of the night. I was fine with it because I already have plenty of travel sized things at home.
The guest towels in the women's bathroom read "Powder your noses, ladies. al+al 10.2.10". The ones in the men's bathroom said "Straighten your ties, gentlemen"

I made "rainbow cookies" as our favors. They came out delish but I wasn't worried about the packaging at 10pm the night before.

My mom signing one of our "guestbook" pages.
We asked where the traveled from, one of their favorite memories of the bride or groom, advice for the newlyweds and one other thing that I can't remember at this point in time.

We hadn't practiced swing dancing in about 2 weeks. We had to take a break from posed pictures to practice!

Time for the real dance!
In The Mood- Glenn Miller band

See, no real bustle. That was no fun.

we had NO idea how we were supposed to cut the cake. I even tried to put the topper on it for the pictures.

It didn't last long! =(

We were nice!

Until peer pressure from our guests kicked in...

Matt and his girlfriend, Corinne

I made special boxes for the kids which none of them even care about. They were too busy dancing! They all had a coloring book i made, crayons, silly bands and glowsticks. They girls also got girlie notebooks and Hannah Montana Chapstick. The boys had some Toy story 3 things. I heard they were awesome for the drive home the next day! Glad the kids had fun at our wedding and enjoyed their boxes!


Mike and Paulina. Then engaged, now married!

I wanted to make little flags for the straws but couldn't find a good easy way to stick them on there so i gave up. I'm glad though because we brought tons home! Green stripped straws for life!

The way my back panel was supposed to be! Ooops.

My grandparents

My semi-"adopted" brother and uncle had a dance off. By far one of the highlights of the night.

Singing Say It Aint So by Weezer. It's one of our group songs that will forever go down in history with our made up lyrics.

A few more of Paulina's from the day of..

I have lots of nifty details that I will post later (such as our out of town boxes, the other votive holders, our invitations and save the date). I never posted them while working on them but I am excited to share now.

And finally, the preview video from our videographer!
For some reason the "embed media" isn't working so here is the link

Ashleigh and Andrew Preview Video

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