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I finally am getting around to posting pictures. I was dreading it to be quite honest!
We planned our Jacksonville, Florida wedding from Washington...the state. It was NO easy task so I enlisted in the help of a wedding planner. Honestly, she stressed me out more than helping me. I wound up taking more things into my own hands because she wasn't doing what she should have been. One example, I sent her pictures of the flowers I wanted and when I contacted the florist myself she had no idea I was even using her let alone the flowers I wanted!
The week before the wedding was one hell of a week. We had to put together the majority of things just days before because I couldn't travel with them. I shipped 15 boxes to Andy's mom and brought the rest of what we needed in 2 suitcases and a trunk. We got very little sleep the days before hand.
Sitting down at the head table though, I couldn't believe it had all come together. I did it! It turned out way more amazing than I thought it could have and everything fell into place. We were extremely lucky! I think it was all of the troubles we had planning ;)

(of course, tons of pictures!)

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I have lots of nifty details that I will post later (such as our out of town boxes, the other votive holders, our invitations and save the date). I never posted them while working on them but I am excited to share now.

And finally, the preview video from our videographer!
For some reason the "embed media" isn't working so here is the link

Ashleigh and Andrew Preview Video