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[May-04-2004 @ 06:47am]
hey dorks if you want to be added on my new journal you have to comment there.
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[May-03-2004 @ 10:37pm]
new lj; amongthestars_
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[April-28-2004 @ 10:17pm]
i'm having a lot of issues in life right now. i just have to let some of you know because i don't talk to some of you beside in livejournals. maybe you'll get the hint. i no longer have aim, msn, or yahoo. everyone on aol is blocked and don't ask to change that because it won't happen. and after this entry, this journal is gone.. forever. and i won't miss it.. at all. or probably half of the people on my friends list. i may never talk to some of you again, but it was possibly nice knowing you while we did.

i'm trying so hard to not be mad at you "people" because you're all i got a lot of the time. this also includes my family. but, that's got to come to an end. i can't take the pain you give me anymore. i'm done with it all. i'm so sick of everything. everything feels so fucked up and i feel like i don't belong anymore. i feel like i just want to die so many times every single day. like, i was driving home from schoolcraft on the highway and i was passing a semi and i just wished so bad that he would hit me so my car would go rolling and something would happen to me. as bad as it sounds; it's true. i'm so depressed and i'm scared to tell my parents. i know that they won't judge me and they'll understand but i just don't feel right. and they'll send me back to counseling. or they will be their normal selves and bitch about everything like they have been lately because i'm never home. well, if they knew i was never home because i get so annoyed from their bitching maybe things would be different. i'm sick of them feeling bad about stuff and going out and buying me shit to make up for it.. sorry but it doesn't work that way with me. like today, my dad came home with a new 500 dollar bed for me. i didn't ask for it. i didn't want it. yeah, i'll take it and use it because it came from him and i love him. a lot. but yeah. i just wish so many people would stop being bitches/dicks, annoying, two-faced, shallow, fake, and just plain stupid. it's you guys who are making me feel like shit and just wanting to end my life.

thanks for your time. please delete me from the friends list if it hasn't been done yet.
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[April-26-2004 @ 02:49pm]
Everyone please take me off your friends list.

I'm done with this journal, forever & Live Journal for a while.

I have way too many family issues going on & this is the last thing I need to worry about.

Someday I'll probably get a new journal but until then, farwell my friends.
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[October-06-2003 @ 04:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

This is all locked up!

You should know the deal..
Comment to make me feel special.
Add me.
Wait and hope you'll get added.
Chances are.. you will. :]
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