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all I need is a bitter song . . .
If anyone is around and still wants to keep updated on my life, don't be afraid to add me on my new name. I've been gone from LJ for about 2 years now but would like to start updating again as I've made TONS of amazing friends from this lovely site. Add me!


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I've applied for about a million jobs today.
Someone better call me for an interview.

I'm so hungry. Bec and I decided to make cinnabons and noodles for a late 4am snack.

Though we barely ate all day, so that's why.

My body is now trained to stay up all night and sleep all day.
It's crazy.

I love just hanging out here though with B.
It's comforting.

I'm pretty sure when I get a job I want to change my service provider for my cell phone to Verizon Wireless.
I'm starting to hate t-mobile.

Hmmm yes, what else is there to say. I rarely post entries lately.
How are you guys?

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I really want to go to Burning Man this year. Pretty sure Bec, Tara and I are definitely going.
Come with?
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Ya know... yesterday Bec Adam and I all went out to this park that reminded me of summer of 2004/2005. And I really miss those days. I hate being an adult, I remember all year of me being 17 I couldn't wait to freaking turn 18. And it's really played up. I liked having no obligation to get a job, move out, have my own responsbilities and bills! I really don't like it. I'm so scared of growing up. I feel like we live, just to die. We grow up, we get a job, and then what? You die? Why. Why is life so complicated, Everything I do I put too much thought into it. I'm procastinating getting a job though I KNOW I have to if I want to live with Bec because I'm so scared of the world. I hate being 19. I feel old. I just want to go back to being 16. Those were the days. The care-free let's all smoke pot, have fun, go to the park, sleep all day, stay up all night, days. Now I'm just a big panic anxiety social phobe freak. I hate it.

On a side note: I can't decide if I want to get my septum pierced or my nostril. Hmmm.
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It's my birthday! I'm 19 today.
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100 Movies In 2007

Rules and Guidelines:

1. I watch 100 movies or more in 2007.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time movies.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.

1. Cars. ♥
2. Employee of the Month.
3. The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. ♥
4. We Are Marshall.
5. Boys Don't Cry.
6. My Summer Of Love.
7. Pizza.
8. Brick.
9. Shopgirl.
10. RV.
11. Fly Boys.
12. Little Miss Sunshine. ♥
13. The Truth About Jane.
14. Trust The Man.
15. Because I Said So. ♥
16. As Good As It Gets.
17. SherryBaby. ♥
18. Fear. ♥
19. Happiness. ♥
20. What Dreams May Come.
21. Thumbsucker.
22. School For Scoundrels.
23. Boogie Nights.
24. A Good Year
25. Reno 911: Miami!
26. The Quiet ♥
27. Grandma's Boy ♥
28. Dixie Chicks: Shut Up & Sing ♥ ♥
29. Mini's First Time.
30. The Ringer. ♥
31. Aquamarine.
32. Jackass: The Movie
33. Chasing Amy
34. The Hills Have Eyes 2
35. Loving Annabelle
36. Kissing Jessica Stein
37. The Holiday ♥
38. Running With Scissors.
39. DEBS.
40. Taladega Nights.
41. Tipping The Velvet ♥ ♥
42. The Virgin Suicides.
43. American Beauty.
44. Freedomland.
45. Phat Girls.
46. Marie Antoinette.
47. Reign Over Me ♥
48. Little Black Book
49. Crash
50. Perfect Stranger.
51. Meet The Robinsons
52. Shortbus.
53. Georgia Rule

♥ = movies I loved.

Note: This is just for the Meme. Please do not comment here asking to be added, that is what my FO entrie is for, thanks!

Current Location: my bed
Current Mood: awake awake
Current Music: real world denver

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So you wanna be added eh?


Note: Please... if you are adding me because you saw a post I made in an add me community.. please link me to the post or just tell me which communitiy you found me in.. to avoid other possible suspicions. I've had some crazy people on here and I don't need anymore =]

Current Mood: devious devious

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