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November 29th, 2009

09:25 pm - James Franco on General Hospital - This is Strangely Awesome

I don't watch soaps, but I DO watch James Franco. I don't know what possessed him to go on General Hospital, and I don't care: the result is some sort of garish awesomeness.

See, so many actors on soaps always try so damn hard to make their work seem respectable. They desperately try to deliver absurd lines like a normal human being and not the shallowly conceived caricature that their character really is. James Franco knows he has nothing to prove here, and so he embraces the cheese factor wholeheartedly, and as a consequence delivers the perfect performance.

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October 13th, 2009

10:15 pm - Assassination of Jesse James (Or, Casey Affleck is a Mad Genius and Sam Rockwell is Packing Heat)

He was ashamed of his boasting, his pretentions of courage and ruthnessness. He was sorry about his cold-bloodedness, his dispassion, his inability to express what he now believed was the case: that he truly regretted killing Jesse...

I'm so glad I snatched this one up for $9. I still adore it. I didn't think it possible, but I love Casey Affleck's performance EVEN MORE the second time around. I hate and love his Bob Ford. He starts out so obesqueous and creepy that I want to crawl onscreen and smack his stalker bitch-ass but slowly he pulls me into the anxiety he feels at the prospect of killing his idol, and ultimately I sympathize with him in the aftermath. There's something of a coming of age story in this, and my favorite scene is where he talks to Dorothy Evans with a sense of self-deprecating humor and melancholy:

"You know what I expected? Applause. I was only twenty years old then. I couldn't see how it would look to people. I was surprised by what happened.They didn't applaud."

And because it's the internet and at least semi-anonymous I can confess that Sam Rockwell cannot fail to be hot. Brad Pitt is only third hot here. Casey with his smoldering emo-eyes and baby face is number two. Sam is number one, and that's bearing this description of Charley Ford in mind: "he's ugly as sin and he smells like a skunk and he's so ignorant he couldn't drive nails in the snow". Please don't ask me to explain myself on this one. Just accept that beneath the outer surface there's a raging Sex God in Sam Rockwell.

Dear Hollywood: Less Pitt, More Rockwell!

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June 5th, 2008

11:43 pm - Hollywood Priests are Hot
The other night I was watching USA and was pleased to see a Law and Order rerun that I hadn't seen before. Even without my glasses and watching a 13" screen I noticed something about the priest on screen during the opening act...was that...Eric Stolz?!

Yes it was:

And through the entire episode, as the SVU heroes un-earthed more and more evidence that Priest!Stolz was a pedo priest, all I could think was OMG ERIC STOLZ YOU CAN HAVE ME IF YOU WANT. Which made me feel rather guilty, mainly because he was a potential child molester, but even if he were presented as innocuous I'd feel rather bad lusting after a priest. But really, this is hardly new for Hollywood. 

Let's Look at Some Other Examples...with Photographic EvidenceCollapse )
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June 1st, 2008

01:05 am - Cool TDK Picture
So I'm aiming to be in major spoiler free lockdown mode with The Dark Knight. I was spoiled for Revenge of the Sith, I was spoiled for X3, I was spoiled for Spider-Man 3 - all by my own choice - and now I'm just sick of it. Trying something new for a change. So I haven't really been on spoilery boards like the one on SHH lately, but I popped over there to see if there were any new pictures.

And I thought this one was so cool looking and a little squeetastic. And also, I love when Aaron Eckhart poses like that. I'm seriously going to need a drool bucket at the theater.  

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February 23rd, 2008

12:35 pm - lol Colin Firth
digitalspy states what we already know: everyone loves Colin Firth:

The actor, who famously played Mr Darcy in the BBC's adaptation of Pride And Prejudice, admitted that women as old as 103 have been known to fall under his spell.

He told the Daily Record: "I actually find I'm increasingly lusted after by people who are collecting their state pension.

"I was told the story of one woman in hospital diagnosed with high blood pressure who was told not to watch any more of Pride and Prejudice because seeing me on screen was getting her pulse racing. She was 103."

The 47-year-old said he was surprised to have achieved pin-up status relatively late in his career, saying: 'It's so utterly bizarre to think of myself as a sex symbol at this age. I have no objection to being what Americans call 'a hottie' but it certainly isn't what I'm going for at this stage of my career.

"I guess if it had to happen, now isn't a bad time. When I was first starting, it would have been confusing. I would have had a very distorted image of myself and my power as an actor. And I would have spent the rest of my life wondering why no one was thinking of me as sexy anymore!"

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May 17th, 2006

11:53 pm - It needs to go on record...
James Marsden can make badass ruby quartz shades look good with dweeby pants like no other...

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November 16th, 2005

12:27 am - Darcy vs. Darcy

I thought this was a great article. I just had to save a copy in my lj:

The Importance of Being Darcy

By Mary Beth Ellis, MSNBC contributor
Nov. 11, 2005

I was speaking to an older colleague about the latest essay I was writing; I informed her it concerned a new movie based on “Pride and Prejudice,” which she last read at approximately the same time the Earth was first cooling.

And first words out of her mouth were:  “Oh!  Mr. Darcy!”

Yes, Mr. Darcy. Thanks loads, Jane Austen, for ruining generations of perfectly good women with your ballgowns and your rolling barouches and your Mr. Darcy. Many are the ladies who wait in vain for their own personal, portable Darcy, complete with estate in Derbyshire.

The number has increased since 1995, when Colin Firth took on the role for a BBC miniseries. Colin was Action Figure Darcy. He fences! He swims! He bathes! Naked! He gives and fixes and scowls and rides his horse and just in general Firths all over the place, and we are much the better for it.

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May 18th, 2005

06:57 am - Brain still ready to implode...explode...whatever with finals...

How will Ewan McGregor propose to you? by headexplosion
Favorite Ewan Movie
WhereA field full of daisies
WhenAfter you had sex
He'll call youPuppy
He'll say"I've got two tickets to Las Vegas right here."
He'll look like
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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May 6th, 2005

12:01 am - Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jedi sex symbol
This hot, young Jedi gave the ‘Star Wars’ saga a dose of sanity

What woman can resist Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. "Yes, Master" indeed. 

By Mary Beth Ellis
MSNBC contributor

Read it Here - especially you KATHLEENCollapse )
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March 21st, 2005

02:56 pm - Obi-Wan looking mighty sexy, even in plastic...I want one:


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