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pillow fort of dreams

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August 9th, 2010

10:07 pm - Voyeurism Meets Owls

The Live Owl Nest Box Cam.

Of course, she had to be sleeping when I tuned in.

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July 19th, 2010

08:19 pm - At the Grocery Store

While I was looking for prosciutto in pre-packed deli aisle I did a double take when I read the name of one item: SLICED PLACENTA.

On closer inspection it was really "sliced pancetta."

Today there was a long wait at the deli department and it occured to me that when I took my number I should have taken a few others with it, and when it was approaching my number I could sell the other (now more preferable) numbers to later arriving deli shoppers. I'm sure there are people out there who would fork over a dollar or two to save 15 minutes.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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June 4th, 2010

11:11 pm - Star Trek
Star Trek music makes everything better.
Current Mood: amusedamused

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February 19th, 2010

11:26 pm - A Little Alfred Humor
A little scene with Bruce and Alfred, from Batman Annual 14 (Eye of the Beholder). I really hope Bruce has improved upon this habit....

Alfred Greatness WithinCollapse )
Current Mood: chipperchipper
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January 20th, 2010

11:51 am - Glove Gnomes

I've determined that I have an infestation of Glove Gnomes. I can currently locate about five gloves, none of which match each other, including a red one from a pair I received less than a month ago. Anyone have any tips on how to eradicate these critters?

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January 17th, 2010

10:23 pm - Tom Wilkinson's Michael Clayton Monologue

One of those rare movies where, by two minutes in, you know you've spent your eight bucks wisely:

If Tom Wilkinson is ever hard up for money, he has a career waiting for him in the audio book market.

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December 13th, 2009

01:54 am - What Tarot Card Are You

Your result for The What tarot card resembles you Test...


You scored 43 change, 47 wellbeing, 57 wisdom, and 63 truth

Balancing the wrongs of the past and setting them correct. Just as in the laws of karma there is a cause and effect to each and every action that we do. The sword is held high in the right hand to symbolize the action of correcting wrongs and holding the balance of justice, also symbolizes the cutting out of negative thoughts.

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December 6th, 2009

09:46 pm - Bane's Shirtless Robin Deathtrap

Just another example of Batman TAS being one of the greatest animated shows...ever.

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November 29th, 2009

09:25 pm - James Franco on General Hospital - This is Strangely Awesome

I don't watch soaps, but I DO watch James Franco. I don't know what possessed him to go on General Hospital, and I don't care: the result is some sort of garish awesomeness.

See, so many actors on soaps always try so damn hard to make their work seem respectable. They desperately try to deliver absurd lines like a normal human being and not the shallowly conceived caricature that their character really is. James Franco knows he has nothing to prove here, and so he embraces the cheese factor wholeheartedly, and as a consequence delivers the perfect performance.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
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November 27th, 2009

10:52 pm - LUSH

I found out one of the malls near me that I used to never really go to has a LUSH store. I went tonight and now I want everything and want to have Feel Good Spa Day everyday. Sitting here with blueberry smelling mask that smells better than my Thanksgiving leftovers I'm munching on.

Current Mood: hungryhungry

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