Samantha (april_ethereal_) wrote,

And a few months later...

The handsome viking with whom I was having a relationship with turned into my dear boyfriend, Amund, who I can only describe as perfect. Our relationship is healthy and progressive. I have read my entries in the past, that have described relationships with past people as "healthy", but what I meant was "non-abusive". It's a bit sad to admit, but there's still truth to it.

My relationship with Amund is healthy in that we communicate constantly, and "we need to talk" are not bad words in our relationship. I began my relationship with him with no filter, and I constantly speak my mind. He does the same, and he finds me genuinely fascinating as a person, and is interested to know what goes on in my head. He gives me great feedback as well. He's been helping me with my health so much. At the start of our relationship, when talking about how I have been battling my illness myself for so many years, he told me that those days were over. I didn't take him too seriously at the time, because we hadn't been together all that long, and he hadn't seen all sides of me.

He was serious. He follows me to as many appointments as he can, and helps clarify for me on days when I am in a fog. He helped me create a daily blog to track my symptoms and my progress. We have days he plans to keep me active, and we have days when all I want to do is lie in bed and cease to exist. He's there on those days as well, to bring me groceries, make me dinner, and rub my back.

My feelings for him grew the more I got to know him. He comes from a large and well to do family of lawyers and engineers from the posher side of town. He's a typical nerd with his fandoms. Smokes weed and drinks alcohol on occasion. He's two years older than me, and went to school for economical studies, and works as an account consultant. He's the oldest of four siblings, and helps take care of his youngest brother, who is chronically ill. It explained the preternatural level of patience this man possesses.

I mentioned in November that we had an interesting relationship dynamic and it is in that we are both sexually dominant. In his years in the army, he recognised his sadism, and explored it further into his twenties, when he became very skilled with rope bondage. He dated a few girls before me who were into it, but not on my level at all. When he first met me, his tinder profile simply said "looking for my Ms.Steele", a vague 50 shades of grey reference to get out to the girls of Oslo. After he "super liked" me, I chatted with him and he found me instantly fascinating, but initially thought I was submissive. I was more than he ever could have imagined.

At first, our sex was a bit clumsy because we had to actually work hard to communicate what we both liked, but we knew we both wanted each other. Badly. Eventually, we got it to work, and it works so fucking well. We currently have a vibrant and expanding universe of a sexual relationship.
Our dynamic as of now is this: We are equal to each other. We are allowed to play with submissives together, I am given a lot of freedom to pursue other D/s relationships (mostly with intent of having someone to share), we roleplay for each other, we love each other immensely, we respect each other, we fulfil each other.

He spends a lot of time here in the apartment and deals with all of the chaos that comes with it. He loves my Zindi and usually scoops her up and showers her with kisses after greeting me. I feel I am just going on and on listing all the wonderful things this man does, but it's not important what he does, it's that he is good to me, loves me with every fiber of his being, and I love him too.
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