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Zdrastvoitye Anna

Альбом: Travel-2012

I am afraid that the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is not organised so that there are people with responsibility for different parts of the world, so I am not the person who is looking after Russia.

But I am on the Management Board of the Society, and on the Technique Panel. I was on the Education & Training Committee for two years, and have produced a number of DVDs showing the dances published in Books 40-46 published by the Society. 

I qualified as a teacher of the Society in 1972, and my wife and I formed the York & North Humberside Branch in 1975 (I am currently the secretary) - We are a Scottish Dancing family, with both my wife and my two sons (and their wives / partners) also being qualified teachers.

I used to go to the Society Summer School in St Andrews every year (for about 15 years), and while there met a girl who was from Krasnodar - as a result my first trip to Russia was in 2003 when we went with others from all over the world to Krasnodar. At St Andrews we also met a girl from Moscow who was training to become a Scottish Dance teacher, and who eventually formed the Moscow branch of the Society.

In 2008 I went to Moscow to teach at their first weekend school, and in 2009 I went on my first trip to St Petersburg to teach at their Anno Domini weekend school - since then I have been back 3 more times, the last time being earlier this year, when I went on to teach Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. (My wife and I also went to teach in Moscow in May 2010, after I had taught in St Petersburg)

So - while I do not have any special responsibility for Russia as far as the Society is concerned, I do probably have the most experience as far as the combination of Russia, the Society and Scottish Country dancing is concerned!

I have written at such length to explain - I hope it has helped smile

If you have any more questions, please feel happy to ask me.

For more information about the Society - http://www.rscds.org/

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