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and you said "this is the first day of my life..

i'm glad i didn't die before i met you.."


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Thank you, Stranger. For your therapeutic smile.

Obsessions-->Bright Eyes, Jeff Buckley, Discounts, Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, Finding Treasures, Death Cab For Cutie, Elijah Wood, Benjamin McKenzie, The Fruits Of Summer; Rockmellon, WaterMellon, Mango, The Oc, Never Being Able To Spell Anything Right, Survivor, Brendan Fraser, Billy Crudup, Jake Gyllenhaal, Missy Higgins,The Breakfast Club, John Cusack, Participating, Jim Carrey, Audrey Hepburn, Guitar, Writing Songs, Brand New, Drawing, Damien Rice, Stalking Random Boys At Art Galleries, Being In It To Win It But Losing Anyway, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Tom "Hot Pants" Delonge, Being Sober, The Ataris, 80's Music, 80's Movies, The 80's, The Killers, Orange Juice,Being Caught In The Rain, Only Watching Charmed For The Themesong, Cheese Crackers, Procrastinating, Simon And Garfunkle, Dancing In Solitude, The Used, Matchbook Romance, Ben Folds, Saying "kthxbye", Creaming Soda, Playing Dress-Ups, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Attempting To Train My Dog To Push Courtney Love Off A Cliff, Goldie Hawn, Biographies, Driving In My Pyjamas, Future Husband, Turtle-Neck-Boy and Realising I Have Exactly $3 In My Pocket.

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80's movies, abstractness, accidentally calling strangers "mum", acoustic guitar, acoustic songs, adam sandler, apple juice, art, audrey hepburn, awkward hugs, back to the future, beads, ben stiller, benjamin mckenzie, billy crudup, blink 182, boys, bracelets, brand new, breakfast at tiffanys, bright eyes, captain planet, cartoons, chad michael murray, cheese, christina ricci, cindi lauper, closer, coldplay, couldbelove.org, crowded house, damien rice, daniel johns, david bowie, david hyde pierce, death cab for cutie, drama, dresden dolls, drew barrymore, dustin hoffman, edward norton, elijah wood, elliott smith, emo/punk, eva cassidy, eyebrow rings, eyes, fight club, foo fighters, frasier, friends, future husband, gael garcia bernal, george, getting mail, grand theft auto, guitar, guys in turtlenecks, harmonica, hugs, i ♥ huckabees, jake gyllenhaal, james franco, james van der beek, jared leto, jeff buckley, jeffrey, jesse bradford, jimmy eat world, joan of arc, john cusack, john marsden, john mayer, johnathon rhys meyers, joseph gordon levitt, josh hartnett, kill bill, kris roe, laughing, leonardo dicaprio, letters, little britain, mango, matchbook romance, matt damon, missy higgins, moaning myrtle, movies, n64, night, nirvana, othello, owen willson, painting, pastels, paying out mark, photography, plain white t's, poetry, posters, pretty in pink, ps2, rainbows, reading, red lindsay lohan, robert downey jr, rock, romance, romeo and juliet, rooney, rove, sailor moon, samaire armstrong, shane west, sharks teeth, simon and garfunkle, singing, sixpence none the richer, something corporate, something for kate, spiderman, subtitles, super nes, taking back sunday, team anniston, tennis, the 80's, the ataris, the bangles, the beatles, the breakfast club, the killers, the oc, the princess bride, the superjesus, the water boy, the wedding singer, tobey maguire, tom "hot pants" delonge, tom delonge, tom everett scott, uma thurman, video, winona ryder, writing, yellowcard