i'm making a new livejournal, because my lost community took over my friends page ..
so this is now my LOST journal :) haha .. i'm not telling you in this post what my new one is, if you want to be frrrrrrriends, comment here & i'll getter! ps: guys update or somethinnnnng.

my humps, my humps my humps my humps.

note to self: i hate the font of my live journal; therefore, FIXit.

anyways, i've come to realize something today..
no matter how happy you are about everything, sad songs still make you feel bad.
well me anyways ? but everything makes my heart break all over town, a phrase i use often lol.

iiiin other news, i'm super happy with my life lately *knocks on wood*
life meaning my suroundings, and myself after i lose 20 pounds.
yes 20, because i gained 10 ..

this weekend i work friday and saturday, but i get off at 9 each night and i have plans for saturday that i think will be AWESOME. weeeehaw. i think i might ask josh to wait for me to get off work before he goes up so i dont gotta go alone. it'll only be like quarter after nine, but still i'll look like a gross worker girl and smell like money. I DONT KNOW. i think he'll accept the money smelling me.

goodness, i have nothing to update about at all whatsoever.

i'm going to caitlins to watch a movie of some sort i suppose, lots of s's in that sentence.

somebody friggin update please?
i want to know about your lives :)


pointless update, on a depressing day :)

so i guess i'll update today, considering it's fucking brutalgabanza outside..
aaaah.. what happend lately in my life.

last time i updated was quite a while ago, and i'm pretty sure no exciting life change has happend :/
i'm in "like" hehe.. (L)
name we will not include for certain reasons? or something hahah

redcup dance was last weekend, i had a ball actually.. like i never had this much fun at a riverview dance ever cause i hate pigs, and it's filled with them. but when you have somebody to take your mind off of the bad things it's okay :) .. awwe haha

aaaaaah valentines day was yesterday, as well as leeann's 17th birthday and it was right nice out too.
thats mr cupid, hookin us all up with some nice weather.. or can he only stick arrows in peoples butts? .. fuck knows. i think valentines should have presents involved.. and instead of a tree, a big red heart that you put up in your living rooms, dining rooms, etc etc..

thats my imagination goin aagain..

SO, ghetto dance tomorrow..
my schedual for today is extremely busy if i wanna get a shirt for it..

shower - 3:00
superstore - 4:00
moms trusting me to get the groceries alone (hehe)- 4-5
mayflower mall- 5:00-6:00
and finally drivers ed- 6:30 gun?

so i missed lost last night.
yeah you heard right, because of fucking work i MISSED LOST. 
i'm pretty upset about that, but some guys burning it for me and mom :) nice fella he is..

k i dunno.. im rambeling on now.

is the nicest way i can put it ..

(no subject)

give me a whisper, and give me a sign..
give me a kiss before you tell me good-bye
don't you take it so hard now, and please don't take it so bad
i'll still be thinkin' of you and the times we had (BABY) 

meh, some updates on my ever so exciting life .. kidding.
adrianas mom put on my fake nails, there really coool i like them.
i got my wart burnt off, and now theres a black hole on my finger.
i had alot of fun last night, regardless if dave is seriously a fucking spaz.
and no i'm not calling him, "HIM" or "THAT GUY" i want yas all to know..
he's very very odd................. thats the nicest way i know how to put it?

tonight i think me and leeann are doing somthing, i have no idea what though
i was going to have people in but dad might be comming home so thats no good..

i think i'll take mom for a drive today, because i sence its going to be a boring day..


(no subject)

last night was fun :)
kaitlin got dropped off here around 5:30, then brit picked us up and we picked up kristyn. then we made our way over sydney to the movies. there honestly was not one parking spot in the whole place, so we parked behind the building and froze our faces off walking to the entrance but ITS OK :) .. we saw the persuit of happiness, it was most deffently one of the best movies i've seen in a loooong time. it's sad, but you leave the theatre feeling about one million times better then you felt when you got there. its a spirit lifter thats for sure. "You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it. You want something? Go get it. Period." .. right nice :)

aaaaaah friday night me, kate, kristyn, ashley, and kendra drank at kristyns and then went to the florence baseball feild and back to kendras for the night. wasn't too bad. rainy and stuff though... got pretty drunk. YEEEEEAS.

so tonight, me ash jac& monique are going to north sydney .. for a change and just for something todo. sydney mines is not fun anymore i'm sorry to inform you all.

aaaaaah, k so im going to get in the shower & stuff .. then going for a little drive :) (ps: i'm addicted to driving) haha .. BYYYYYYYYE!

angLIkesyOUuUUu .. AHSdjasdbjsd

stolen from jocelyn!

Age you turned: Sixteen
Did you grow?: Most likely gained about four hundred pounds..
School/Work: MHS
IM Screen name(s): angeladay
Best birthday gift: gympass :)
Best Christmas/holiday gift: ring& clothes
Most important thing you learned: school stuff, and how to drive also.
Did your physical appearance change?: i dyed my hair a few times..
Did you, personally change?: not that i know of?
Best month(s): june, july, augest, & december.
Worst month(s): march!
Best friend(s): bet i cant name just one!
New friend(s): afew..
Lose any friends?: i dont think?
Lose any family members?: no i dont think
Any new family members?: my two aunts have new boyfriends, if that counts..
Most influential person(s): nobody really, i guess mom & dad a bit
Five people you started talking to: shayna, ashleyparkes, kaylajohnston, jessicataylor and guys in my pal\clm class..

Have any crushes?: yes
How many relationships?: im not calling what i had a relationship
Longest relationship: oh god, like MAYBE 6 months?
Shortest relationship: haaah, week or two.
Status at the beginning of the year: single
Status now: single
Status you want/ed to be: i wouldn't mind having a boyfriend.. one in particular :)
Have any regrets?: dont we all?
Did you fall in love?: no.

Sports played/joined: i tried out for basketball, but quit.
Clubs joined: chess club, drama club, art club, checkers club, bandclub.. KIDDING!
Other activities (arts, drama, music, etc): school.. ? i'm not really sure
Quit/drop any sports?: quit basketball after the first tryout.
Quit/drop any clubs?: nonononnooo.
Any sports, clubs, or activites you wish you joined?: i wish i wasn't dying of sickness when i tried out for basketball, i miss it so much.. i also really wanted to join the gym. but im joining in february .. because im SICK AGAIN! woooohooo
Wish you quit?: smoking count?

Did you party?: ohgodyes.
Did you throw any parties?: afew
Vacations: halifax, halifax, halifax & ingonish ..
Best winter event: 2 or 3 years ago.. i forget
Best spring event: i forget spring
Best summer event: ingonish by far..
Best autumn event: i dont remember
Ever sneak out?: yeeep
Get in any fights?: i dont think i'd classify them as "fights"
Any "firsts"? (first time trying things, going places, etc): ohyaknow.
Plans for the new year?: losetenpounds please?
Hopes for the new year?: get my MAN... aahahah
New Years Resolution: lose ten pounds is also my resolution..
Goals you want to accomplish: LOSE TEN FRIGGIN POUNDS.
Anything you're putting behind you?: trying lol
Age you will turn: 17, thats just scary..
Going anywhere?: probably some places, like halifax and ingonish again ..
What changes do you want to make?: have more fun without including alcohol .. (wonthappen)