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It's almost my birthday: 5 Feb.

so i made a list of things that i like to have:

1. Winkel: Yves Rocher: Les Plaisirs Nature eau de toilette framboos Prijs 8.50 E

2. Mooie stofjes, lintjes, kanten lintjes, specialere stukjes stof met een motiefje,
maar wel een mooie natuurlijk, Kant achtigere dikkere stofjes, bontjes, gewone
strechystof, chinese stof en fleece
Kleuren: grijs/ donkergrijs /donker groen/ bruin/ donkerbruin en zwart

3. Wol (dikkere wol) zonder uitstekende frutsels of met glitters... ik ben nog maar net
bezig met haken dus niet te lastige wol.. Maat: 5 tot 10 dikte voor te haken
Kleurtjes: leger groen, groen, zwartig, paarsig, bruin, grijzig, appelblauwzeegroen,
blauwig, rodig....

4. Armbandjes met uit bot gesneden of uit yakbot

5. Chinese of Japanese gadgets... hiermee bedoel ik meer de Geisha stijl (niet in roze)
Bijv. zo'n haar pin met zo'n bloemetjes sliert aan...

6. Botjes of iets dergelijk, voodoo stijl gadgets

7. Film: Evil Dead 2, of box van evil dead 1/2/3
(ik wil het liefste 2... niet de 1ste dvd want die was slecht)

8. Comics: Trueblood comics... (ik weet niet of die al uit zijn...)

9. Steampunk and pirate stuff

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My laptop broke 2 days ago... he just wouldnt start again
and i was soooo sad about it :( because i have to have it
for my school works... my laptop keep giving me the fucking blue screen
with the spinning wheel on it... (my laptop is the white macbook version)
and i was sooo afraid that i lost all my school work of the last week
because i didnt get a back-up of it.... i tried every fucking code i could
find on the internet support sites of mac... but nothing worked :(

Yesterday i went to the switch shop here in gent, (mac repair shop)
30 euro's for the checkup and 80 euro's per hour to fix my shitty top
But today i got an email with a note that it was ready so i'm going to pick
it up today.... hope i will get there soon

and tonight i'm going to celebrate my newyear with my friends in Torhout
near antwerp i guess... a oldschool goa party that's like ages ago.
my last goa party was in june... rhaktidei and before that in April and before
that in January... i'ts a lot better now then the times when i go to every party
every week....i'm quite healthy now

for my xmas i went to Thomas his house, with his family it was really nice there
we ate turkey (not my favorite kind of food but okey) and i got a lot of presents :D
i got the birdskull for in my hair that i wanted from the etsy siten :D
and a couple of things from cyberdog
AND... the next day we celebrated xmas in our house with Claire, Thomas, Jasna, Steef and
Arjuna, that was really nice to, we were like a family :D
i got a lot a nice things i'm very happy :D

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The day after that (26th) i went to my house in NL and the original plan was to go
to my grandma's house but my parents didn't feel like going there... so we stayed home
the next day my father and brother went to Sardinia, my fathers birthland
and me and my mom went to Goes to shop for supply's and then i meeted steef there
and we went to her house and her father took us home to Gent

soo... that was about it i guess...
now... for all of u a very happy newyear, i hope you will get everything that u want
for this new year :D

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx many luck and love,
Chanti = ^_^ =


Gezocht: Metal Jacket Psylo

Haaai :)
Ik ben op zoek naar deze Metal Jacket, Bodywarmer,...

ik weet dat ik het kan kopen online op de Psylo website en in London.
Ik weet ook dat ik ze in de winkel zou kunnen halen van de Dansende Jak
in Breda ofzo, maar daar kom ik niet en heb ik ook echt geen tijd voor om heen te gaan.
Zo ook bij de winkels in Amsterdam die m misschien zouden kunnen verkopen

DUS ik hoopte dat iemand het thuis zou hebben liggen en niet meer aan zou doen ofzo...
en het mij zou kunnen verkopen voor een degelijke prijs :)

100% Cotton Canvas shell & printed Micro Satin lining, with a high curvy &
adjustable (wired) double neck, a semi closure in front held by 2 giant pins, printed
on back, decorative studs

*de prent op de achterkant mag/kan anders zijn*

nieuwprijs is 74 pond

maat is s of m


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Ontwerpje voor broek :)


Verder.... morgen moet ik weer terug naar school...
gelukkig begint mijn week pas de dinsdag :) daar ben ik wel heel blij om
ik moet dan morgen wel erg vroeg beginnen, woensdag heb ik illustratie en
donderdag ook, vrijdag alleen grafiek en morgen keuze vakken...
het is in een nieuw gebouw ik hoop dat ik alle lokalen goed kan vinden,
maar dat zal wel voor zich spreken, wel eng dat ik in een volledig nieuwe
klas ga zitten, hopelijk valt het allemaal een beetje mee :)

x <3

ikke en psychedelic meow

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Hay :D

Today i went finally to the "haunted house" in Sas van Gent
with my mom and dad, but whatever, it was kind of cool to see it
i heard so much about it, and to see it in reallife was nice

The house was outside the village, it was in the middle of a cornfield
it was morning and the sun was high, the house was really beautiful to see peaking
out of the corn, it was more like a ruin but it was so facinating...
We went inside and looked in the left over "rooms" from the house
I had a realy strange feeling then, on my chest, that was a bit weird,...
and what was also kind a weird was that the houses around that "haunted" house
were all for sale.... that was strange,..

And besides that i went back to Gent, and there i went to the park with Steef
and we took some pictures, it was a nice day, we just sung the whole time along with
oldies and other nice songs, We should do that more often...

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And some Cute pictures of my Cat (for 4 weeks now...) K'tullu <3


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Meeeeh i don't want to wait a year for the new
season of True Blood, it's waaaaay to exciting...
Can't believe it's almost over :( arrgh!
i have to find a new good serie to look...

When you came in the air went out.
And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.
I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.
Ow, ooh.

I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you


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I'm back from Boom festival, for a half week now i think
it was really nice and magical <3 i want to go back...

it was way to hot there, like 45 C, and here it's 18 so
now i'm sick :( and that sucks :(

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Tuesday we're going on our vacation,
We will fly at Brussels Airport at 12,
and we will be in Lisboa at 2 o'clock
there we have to waith until the boom bus
is gonna pick us up, and then we'll be @ the
festival site .....

i'm so excited, i really want to go, but i'm
a bit scared to fly... but i just better don't
think about it at all and just do it....

We'll stay there till the 26th of August