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Assassinate my heart [entries|friends|calendar]

A blue butterfly smiling with its wings torn off
Should I prepare a requiem?
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May 16th, 2008

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Its a start. [Sunday
May 11th, 2008
Ive been trying to figure out becks story and personality.

this is possibility numba 1 so far.. >> it ended up being in a very sloppy script form as i was just writing what i was thinking >>; and i was thinking in a photostory format xD;




.. Loading voiceRXL5...

..Beginning voice recgonition program....

Ready... Ready... Ready.

Lehas: "Alright."-presses start on her laptop-

Lehas: "Today. Is the beginning of new chapter.
The start to the era that was shapped by the greatest man.."

Beck: -peaks around the corner- "Lehas... what are you doing?"

Lehas: "Oh, just starting your life's journal."

Beck: "o.O, YOU... starting MY lifes journal?"

Lehas: " 's right"

Beck: "I believe my life does not require a journal."

Lehas: -shrugs-"Suit yourself man, but when you save the world, dont come crying to me that there was absolutly NO record to be found of your oh so great acheivements. -.-"

Beck: -sighs "fine, do what you will"

Lehas: -big grin-

--- 20 mins later---

Lehas: "...And so that how Beck stole the emperors golden toothbrush and finally found the castle the princess was in.." -saves entry and closes laptop-

Lehas: "Mm i guess il stop for today." -stands up-

Beck: -standing quietly behind Davi-

Lehas: -turns around.-"Ahck!" -falls over-

Beck: "Interesting story there... Glad i heard it, because you know.. that whole event.. clearly had slipped my mind because i dont remember it at all. glares-"

Lehas: "Eheh.. ^^; well.."

Beck: "You better get rid of that file. Young ladies shouldnt be telling such god awefull lies.. Srsly"

Lehas: "Aww Beckykins you just gotta use your imagination.. No one is gonna find out i lied."

???: "Im dissapointed. That was the best story you could come up with?"

Lehas: "Wha?! OH Neuro!" -tackle hugs- "Sorry since we stopped into town everyone has been taking a little vacation~ and im SOOOo bored~"

Neuro: "So you were gonna write stories about Beck and his amazing adventures?"

Lehas: "well.. that was the plan >>;"

Neuro: "First off. Beck.. No offense buddy. But your lame."

Beck: -angry vein-

Neuro: -wraps around around lehas- "IM the person you should talk about. ^_~"

Lehas: "Riiiight.. and i wanna talk about a pervert, why exactly?"

Neuro: "I am not!"

Lehas: "Are too!! Beck told me the story about uou and Nue." -shoves him away-

Neuro: "DUDE! Were Cousins! NOTHING HAPPENED. >>"

And its 1:30am so im going to bed. lulz.

Um yeah xD If anyone reads this, what do you think? >>

Three characters were introduced.
Beck, Lehas and Neuro.
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Beck's new look?! [Friday
March 21st, 2008
Possible new look for beck.
New wig.
New eyes.

i dont like the eyes but i wanted to see how 16mm looked.
I LOVE the size, but i want to get his old colours back.

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March 12th, 2008
I was just messing around with my agito and live (evil).

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March 7th, 2008
Beck's new clothes and shoes.

Shoes are like an inch too big xD but i like em~

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March 4th, 2008
Ahaha so like.. you can ignore the entries before my pics of my pinky:st figure xD

Those were just some things i had to write for my senior portfolio back in highschool xD and i thought they were funny.

Mm Im watching lion king 2 rite now =w= well the previews for it~
makes me want to watch a bugs life now xD


teehee... x3

MEGACON this weekend! im so excited~ gonna go and spend munnies,
the band VIDOL is going to be there.. i think w.e their spelt..
pretty jrock band i guess.. i havent been upto date with japanese music xD
id get their autograph but thats 20$ i dont have for them~

Ill be bringing beck with me ^^
<333 his first con~
my first con was megacon so i guess its only fitting
(tho that was 5 years ago?) lulz
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February 26th, 2008
This is Live, my Evil repaint pinky that game with my kira kira music night game =w=
shes my first pinky to arrive.. >> still waiting on agito -sigh-

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February 11th, 2008
25 things about me

1. Her favorite colour is green.
2 Her hair is forever changing.
3. Mesmerizing green eyes.
4. Requires the assistance of glasses.
5. She is talented in many sports.
6. She has an uneven tan, but plans to fix that soon.
7. Her favorite thing is money.
8. She loves to eat flaming hot cheetos.
9. If she were an animal she would be a cat.
10. She cherishes her friends, even if they do fight often.
11. This girl is very indecisive.
12. Her dream vacation would be to go to Japan.
13. She loves her cat mickey.
14. Her dreams are always crazy crazy.
15. She loves to wear bright coloured clothes.
16. She crys way too much.
17. The majority of her time is spent on the computer.
18. She loves coffee icecream but hates coffee
19. At Planet Smoothie she always get the lunar lemonade.
20. She wants to own her own business someday.
21. Rocky's is the arcade her and her friends always go to.
21. Buying clothes makes her happy when shes sad.
23. Scary movies are her favorite.
24. Cosplaying is something she has fun doing.
25. She wishes she could be a pirate when she grows up.
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February 11th, 2008
If I were an animal

If I were to be an animal, an animal that I think resembles me the most, or that I

think I inturn am like, it would have to be the cat. Cats are very agile creatues, and well I

may not be very fast or nimble, I partake in various sports, which insues that I have good

reflexes, like that of a cat's. They are very curious creatures, cats. Always snooping

around. You know as they say, "Curiosity killed the cat." Ask any of my friends, in

some way, shape or form, im always getting into other people's business...

Evesdropping, totally putting my ears where they dont belong. Heh, I am just curious

like that. Curious like a cat. So again, that is another reason why I would be a cat, if

I had the opportunity to be an animal. Also both I and Cats are easily amused/distracted.

My biggest point though would have to be that of Sleep. Sleep, It's what you do. And

Sleep is what both cats and I do the most. I love to sleep, Cats love to sleep. If I were

ever to be turned into a cat, I think I would make a smashing one. Ahah! and eating too,

love to eat. I love to eat, like cats eat... ALOT. I have to refill my cats huge food thing

every couple of days. It is one of those automatic feeder kinds, where you can put in a

couple weeks worth of food. Animal wise at least... and my cat will always be wanting

more food because hes out. I would be just like that, I eat so much food. Especially

If cats ate flaming hot cheetos. Yes so if I were an animal, the animal that I would choose

to be would be the cat. Cats are curious, agile, they eat alot and sleep alot, Just like me.
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February 11th, 2008

A: Athletic
B: Bubbly
C: Curious
D: Disturbed
E: Easily-amused
F: Flaming hot cheetos
G: Greedy
H: Happy-go-lucky
I: Indecisive
J: Jealous
K: Kid-at-heart
L: Love
M: Money
N: Nosey
O: Oblivious
P: Pickles
Q: Quirky
R: Random
S: Silly
T: Trustworthy
U: Unorganized
V: Vain
W: Weird
X: X-rated
Z: Zaney
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February 11th, 2008
Dreams come true

Oh boy, I'm going to have fun with this essay. If I would have a dream come true,

no matter the price, If I could buy a dream, i would buy a dream whose base theme would

be futureistic fantasy. With most of the world having been annihalated by a tyrant ruler

and a rebel force in hiding preparing to overthrow him and restore peace and order to their

lives. Where "Chosen ones" were rare and highly sought after, having mystical powers and

me... I was the one who would save them all. With strange creatues and kick ass clothing

styles. I would have to battle through the King's army forces with my comrads and of

course, a very hot dude, who when we first met was such a jerk and all we did is fight and

argue although he is always there for me and in the end we fall in love. Naturally before

the end of the story, which wouldn't really be the end but only the beginning of a new

chapter. The city would be built in a desert type of place with lots of metal, where

everything is mechanical... very industrial like. There would be hover crafts kind of like

flying jetskis. Anyways there would be lots of fighting, fear, blood, drama, suspense,

magic, harsh training on my part. Ive actually totally just made up this dream on the spot

but this dream would be so cool. I would pay anything for this to come tru, not just for a

little while, but actually become reality. That would totally be the bomb. Im the main

character, I get the hot dude in the end, and I save the world... Plus flying vehicals and

magic... what more could I dream for hehe.
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February 11th, 2008
Favorite Tv Show

Im pretty sure the majority of the human race has watched television at some point

in their lives, and im also pretty sure that out of all the shows you have ever watched, one

sticks to you more than the others. I could be wrong though, but lets not dwell on that

thought. I do not watch TV all that much, im much more a computer person or.. rather

sleeping.. because sleep is what I do. Anyways, even I have a favorite TV show... I may

not get to watch it all that much but it is just too fabulous for words. Seriously. My

favorite TV show is The Doodlebops. Its a kid show targeting around the age group of

around two to seven I would say. In reality, it just consists of three actors in suits. They

are pretty fake looking... But the show just grabs my attention! not that I have much to

give.. I probably have the attention span of a fly trying to eat something healthy. Out of

the three characters my favorite is Mo. He has yellow skin and wears a general

orange/red/yellow themed wardrobe. Theres another blue dude and a purple girl. Its a

neat show, I even went to their website and played all of their games. Talk about fun

stuff. Its a show that teaches kids how to act and have fun while still being polite and

also teaches them manners. Its a educational television show hidden inside a cute,

spunky, happy show that keeps kids laughing and even parents too!
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February 11th, 2008
Verb or Noun

If I were to be a noun or a verb, and I had to pick which noun or verb I would be...

It would have to be a verb and the verb I would pick would be Sleep. Why sleep?

Because Sleep is the thing I do the most of in my life... Currently so far that is. I am

constantly tired. Constantly Sleeping. In the mornings driving on my way to school...

My eyelids get heavy and when I blink it seems that my eye dont want to open back up.

Its kind of scary actually. To fall asleep while driving. I find myself slapping my face,

pinching my cheeks, blasting cold air on my face. Even though I get so much sleep.

No matter what time I go to bed and wake up... I'll be tired throughout the day, always

exaushted, and I have no idea why. But this is if I were a verb. And I think that this verb

would suit me perfectly, like a match made in heaven. But still you ask why, out of all the

verbs I could have chosen from why pick sleep. Its also my most loved thing to do.

With sleep comes dreams and my dreams are always crazy crazy full of weird things,

scarry things, and I love being scared. So sleeping... doing one thing, can give you

so much more. Even if the dreams are not real. Sleep, its what you do. And I sleep.

Therefore the verb, that of which I do, is sleep. I sleep, therefore I am. Thank you

for reading, I hope this has enlightened your day, and given you a weird perspective

on my thinking pattern and horrible writing skills. Have a nice day and english is the

best class ever. Oh yeah.
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November 18th, 2006
she turns around
while you just stand there
never again
to see her face
never again
to see her grace
walking down the path
slowly out of your reach
the gate forever closed
your fate forever changed
she cries on the other side
as you die on yours
without eachother
the love you once had
a simple love
gone so very bad
consumed by the beat
of the lies, your deceit
swimming in darkness
perhaps she..
oh nevermind.

i had started writing a poem about.. ill say this notebook is bout 3-4 yrs old xD
So. well i suck at writing in general but i liked this one line.. so i thought id see if i could change it and add like alot of stuff to make it better. Its still crap but i havent made an entry in a long ass time. SO. yeah you get to read my crappy poem lolz. lucky you.
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September 19th, 2006
Waah. Ive got some random goodies here to sell~ Really sad to sell, but a girl needs her munnies xD
Ive got like.. anime and some wallscrolls, a wig xD, an n64 xD and other lil things i can bear to part with, Some clothes and shoes aswell.

usps, and ill only ship within the US and i take paypal.

yay stuff for sales~Collapse )
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August 3rd, 2006
Okay. Ive decided im only going to get 4 dollfies.
2 boys and 2 girls.

Boys will be Tamaki and Jaylee
Girls are Hatsumi and Alice

Tamaki will be a SP Kill_u on a Luts NS old version boy body
Jaylee will be a D.I.L Rydel on a D.I.M NS boy body.
Hatsumi will be a NS AF Diana
Alice will be a NS SOOM Gena

okay with that out of my system.

AFO was fun. I cosplay nami "cool" from 3 colourwalk
and luffy's 1+6=4 outfit from same colourwalk.

I was going to cosplay samurai nami but then my luffy hat came in and i just had to go back home and cosplay luffy~

Sara's birthday was so much fun. I dont think i ever had so much fun at someone's bday before. Sara your bdays should be like that every year. hell i want my bdays to be like this every year. Totally want to get a bouncy house for mine xD;

Anyways. Cant wait till megacon. Commissioned cutekawaii on cosplay.com to make me an agito cosplay. Well the jacket at least. I got the pants and skates already. my wig is on its way.

I got my ouran high school host club patch in the mail today. Bought it was Rukawa on cosplay.com its an amazing patch. and what an awesome dude aswell. duude you rock dude. thanks so much.

He also helped me with my jacket. Told me he got his from chadwicks and gave me a coupon too. Save me quite a bit thanks again. Its like the perfect jacket too. I cant wait till it gets here. x3

I cant wait till megacon. Gonna cosplay agito and either haruhi or honey. SO fucking excited.
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July 26th, 2006

Selling stuff :D
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July 20th, 2006
*Feelers* Selling...

Im putting this up as a feeler just cuz i want to know if anyone is interested fistoff.
Somg things are cheaper than others because of damage. Really the only damaged thing i have are my pita ten mangas. Cuz well i guess i got angry reading them or something xD; -joke-

still FEELER. not sure im selling any of this. (gotta get permission from my dad to ship things and crap. I can deffintly sell to you if i know in real life tho.

Love hina [volumes.1]$5
Now [volumes.1] $5
Rave master [volumes.1+2] $5 ea.
Chobits [volumes.1] $5
Samurai deeper kyo [volumes.17] $6
Prince of tennis [volumes.6+9] $6 ea.
Mars [volumes.1] $5
Ragnarok [volumes.1] $5
Pita ten [volumes.1+2] $7 for two
Sensual phrase $5
Ray [volumes.1] $5
Naruto [volumes.1+2] $5 ea.
Chronicles of the cursed sword (ToT. lost numba 1 >.>) [volumes.2-10] $5 ea.

Ah my goddess (bootlegged versions) [volumes.1+2] $8 ea.
Naruto (bootlegged versions) [volumes.1-7] $8 ea.
Gravitation (bootlegged versions) [volumes.1-4+first 2 ovas] $8 ea.
Digi charat panyo panyo [volumes.1] $10
Inuyasha [volumes.2] $10
X/1999 [volumes.1+4] $10 ea.
Dn angel [volumes.1+2] $10 ea. (+5 for box)

Samurai X $15
Naruto [theres 2] $15

Oni $8

Ask for piccus of wallscrolls if u wanna see em.
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July 19th, 2006
(x-posted at my devart XD)

What would you choose?
A. Trip to Japan
B. Motorcycle
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July 17th, 2006
Waaaah T^T i want my babys so bad!

Tamakiiii~ -grabby hands-
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