May 14th, 2010


feeling like a Francophile

I'm in quite the mood today. But you know, somedays one just must listen to French music all day in the office, and daydream about running away to Paris to eat proper cheese and butter and be in love with each day.

I blame:

* imaginarycircus for her posts from her current trip to Paris
* Finally getting around to reading Little Brown Pen, which I've had bookmarked since I bought a couple of things from their Etsy site
* This music video Claire Denamur "Le Prince Charmant" directed by Toben Seymour

I plan to:

* Get Priceless and Jeux d'enfants to watch this weekend
* Try roasting flour ( can anyone help me with the directions? Click the recipe link for «Sablé à la farine torréfiée»- does the flour get heated on the stovetop or in the oven? How high?
* Watch Le Prince Charmant a couple hundred times more
* Read I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere