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Resident Insomniac

I rant, therefore I am.

still searching for something...
2 June
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I'm an Ottawa native, transplanted to Saskatoon. I miss my home and my friends, but it is nice out here. I work as a manager at a bookstore, and it's actually a pretty decent job.
What else to say about me? I love books and movies, I'm a Gemini and I love cats and miss my hamster, Boo.

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amystar's Dragons
1967 chevy impala, alexis denisof, angel, angelus, army of darkness, b-movies, bad horror movies, ben hawkins, bif naked, billy idol, biography, books, bronze beta, brother justin, bruce campbell, btvs, buddy christ, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, canada, carnivale, casey, cats, chasing amy, chocolate, chris jericho, christian kane, city confidential, clancy brown, classic rock, clerks, cock rock, cream soda, creasy oda and flapdood, dark!wes, david boreanaz, david duchovny, david hewlett, david usher, dean ambrose, dean fucking ambrose, dean winchester, dogma, drinking_to_bring_john_winchester_back, econoline crush, evanescence, evil dead, fanfic, figure skating, filmmaking, final fantasy, garrity, get fuzzy, gilmore girls, hamsters, homestar runner, horror, horror movies, ireland, janet evanovich, jay and silent bob, jeff pearce, jensen ackles, jeremy abbott, john sheppard, jon moxley, kevin owens, kevin smith, kevin steen, knitting, lance storm, laurell k. hamilton, law and order:svu, lindsey mcdonald, lindsey/angel, linkin park, lj not vox, mallrats, maple, marilyn manson, mark lutz, mcshep, moist, movies, muscle cars, music, ottawa, paddywhack, peanut butter smarties, photography, prince edward island, reading, reaper, ring of honor, rock, rodney mckay, root beer, sam raimi, saskatoon, scotland, screenwriting, serial killers, silent hill, simon r. green, slow-dancing aliens, smackdown, something from the nightside, spangel, spike and dru, sporks, stargate atlantis, stephanie plum, stephen king, strong bad, sunglasses of justice, super mario, supernatural, the shield, the sims, trogdor, vampires, veronica mars, video games, view askew, wes/angel, wesley wyndam-pryce, wrestling, writing, wwe, x-files, zombies