joey, you're barely alive. (amsterdam__) wrote,
joey, you're barely alive.

On my second to last entry I mentioned how that day in August was by far the worst day I had all year.

Well, turns out what happened was probably the best thing I have gone trough in forever. I got fired, the company I worked with basically told me that they no longer needed my services and gave me a severance pay for the 2.7 years I worked there, I felt really sad at the beginning but the next monday I got a job interview and a job offer on the same day.

I started working there today, they gave me a 50% increase from what I used to earn and it's so different from what I used to do so I'm bound to at least learn something new.

So on my break I finally managed to catch up and finish Lost, started watching The Office, finally got my drivers license and my ID again. I dyed my hair black, I'm thinking about getting my septum pierced again. Spent around 700 bucks on random shit (seriously other than clothes I don't know where my money went) and this weekend I might buy a macbook because I can.

This weekend James and I are going away, we still don't know where to but I just want to spend a night with him. He'll be going for vacations the week after and I feel like we haven't spend quality time together.
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