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ambulancevs_'s Journal

the boys i mean are not refined.
10 March
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♥I'm just another one of those kids that you can't stand ♥

Me: Kristyn. 14. High school. Insecure. Music. Eyeliner. Boys. Boys. Hot boys. Gay boys ;]. Writing. Drawing. Skittles. Hanging with friends. Shiny things. Lip rings. Boys in eyeliner. Yo kiddin.

People: Ryan, Emily, Emily, Ashley, Amanda, Natalya, Adam, Misty, Matt, Missy.

Bands: Glassjaw. Beastie Boys. The Cure. Wumpscut. Mindless Self Indulgence. Every Time I Die. Hot Hot Heat. Brand New. Kill Hannah. KMFDM. Front 242. Front Line Assembly. The Faint. The Blood Brothers. Incubus. Alkaline Trio. Ima Robot. Stabbing Westward. Zeromancer. Rob Zombie. Sex Pistols. Taking Back Sunday. Pink Floyd. Pretty Girls Make Graves. OhGr.

Bad: Homophobes. Ignorance. Fakes. Liars. Overly obnoxious people. Being inside all the time. Killjoys. Backstabbers. Hypocricy. Wiggers.

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