did you see the rain today?

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I dont even exist, not as the real me anyway
21 April


melissa Melissa. 18. TK Maxx. East Kilbride branch.Photos. Sarcastic. Drugs. Rock'n'Roll. Movies. Sharing my bed with the boy. Workmates<3. wee_jen. Songs that make you think. Tattoo (soon!). Sex in random places. Making out at gigs.
Ladytron. Moloko. Placebo. Stabbing Westward. VNV nation. Suicide Commando. Nightwish. My.Hotel.Year. Boogie Pimps. Choking Victim. Aztec Camera. A-Ha. Dresden Dolls. Mazzy Star. Boris Dlugosch. Black Eyed Peas. JC Chasez. Justin Timberlake. Roisin Murphy. ELO. Sons and Daughters. Outkast. Peaches. Iggy Pop.

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i love the O.C   

"Dad smoked weed? Hey Ryan, guess who's a stoner!?" - Seth
"California" - Phantom Planet (OC Theme Tune)
Seth / Anna kissing (the O.C episode 9)
all from oc keepers

Don't add if you're against;
freedom of speech
open minded views
bitching & moaning
and again, Sex. :)

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