Enter at own risk. Slash monsters lurk.

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I love being secretive and mysterious, so I have made myself a fanfiction journal that no one save for one other person knows about. It takes away the stigma of posting a story into a community that you just know twenty of the people on your f-list are watching. I should like to warn you then, that I may be someone you know. Why I am warning you though, is beyond me; I wouldn't consider myself dangerous .... for the most part. ;)

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my fanfiction. I write the following pairings: Remus/Sirius, Harry/Snape, and Harry/Draco. If I become interested in more, I will add them to my list. And I am very easily swayed, so if you have a pairing that you think that I would like to write, feel free to suggest it to me!

I am overall a very friendly person. I love feedback, since I only just got into the slash fandom a few months ago, and only just started writing fanfics a few weeks ago. *is quite the newbie* So ... yes. Friend me, comment, read my writings, and enjoy!