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My first time...

I have pondered on how I would begin this. I must admit that I finished the logging on aspect of it and I've not reached a solution. Here I am, at the moment of truth and I cannot for the life of me, remember an iota of what it was that I had wanted to say to begin with.

I suppose I will start with the fact that I've not done very much online in quite awhile, aside from the horrid forwarding joke emails from friends and co-workers. Though I used to be overly involved in an online community - Cybertown. I had to stop when it became a pay-site. My husband would have never sanctioned paying even five dollars a month to playing 'Barbies' online. And basically, that's what I was doing. That's what I liked about it; building houses, buying furnishings, designing avatars.

So, it was Sims, with an added bonus: making friends all over the world. The very first 'friend' I made there actually remained the only real friend there. I don't fare well in chatrooms. My sarcastic sense of humor does not translate well into print. I actually wind up sounding rude. Something is lost when the facial expression and tone are not present. Regardless of this, I found a very nice Goth girl to befrend me. hehe. She gave me a 'job' there and eventually I had five different persona's, some employed, others employers. I owned shops and had a genuinely good time. During this time, I came to know my gothy friend pretty well. She was quite involved in the little psuedo community and showed me the ropes. We had a five hour time difference between our worlds, sometimes six with daylight savings time. Eventually, I came to be talking to her live-in boyfriend. He had been logged on under her name and introduced himself one night. She had gone to bed as it was incredibly late and he was doing her chores, so to speak. It eventually became a habit for he and I chat and she was sleeping. It rather sounds like an affair, but I was always under the impression that she got a full report of the conversation.

It's strange. Though I had never met them, I felt I knew these people well and when chatting, I often pictured us sitting around on sofas in a flat eating snacks. I felt as though if I were to see them face to face that we'd get along very well and have quite a good time. Anybody reading this will be pretty familiar with that feeling or idea I would guess.

I'm getting sleepy. I started this too late. I'll elaborate on my lovely friends tomorrow, but for now I'll say that my gothy-girl friend has now drawn me into this world. For a while now, I've lived vicariously through her by reading her journal. It's finally time to throw in my own voice. Not that anyone would want to read it. I may be too timid to admit to what I actually do. We'll see about all that. Tomorrow's another day....

Good night.
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