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Dark lord

mobile test post

I arrived in this country with alloy-toshiba, for a while alloy-toshiba was our primary contact with the online world. Then Mrs alloy got alloy-acer, & I didn't have to share any more.

alloy-home (my many hard drived friend) followed us over the ocean.

alloy-jim joined us courtesy of a recycling program at work.

alloy-netbook is a cripple with a broken screen that I gave a home to by plugging into a telly.

alloy-andy arrived for my birthday, with a host of kewl apps, (though I haven't found an appealing game yet ), and multiple communication mediums, alloy-andy has already chatted with alloy's Toshiba, home & netbook.

A successful integration of Andy into the alloy family, will later($ permitting ) lead to the adoption
alloy tablet (of the Andy variety) into the family.

This nifty LJ app ain't hurting the cause any

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