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Dark lord

30 days of Potter (meme thats going around)

Day 1: Your favorite book.

HP 3 - Prisoner Of Azkaban

For this:

“Yeah, it will,” said Ron fiercely. “You won’t have to do all the work alone this time, Hermione. I’ll help.”

“Oh, Ron!”

Hermione flung her arms around Ron’s neck and broke down completely. Ron, looking quite terrified, patted her very awkwardly on the top of the head.
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TQP - Molly Wobblus Interruptus - Featured Story


Opened my mail this morning to find this:

Dear alloy

Your Story, Molly Wobblus Interruptus was voted by our members as a featured story in Drabble2 at The Quidditch Pitch. You can download a banner to use for yourself at http://www.thequidditchpitch.org/images/banner/SeptFeatured/D-MollyWobbus.png

Thank you,
The Captains of The Quidditch Pitch

The story is here: http://www.thequidditchpitch.org/search.php?action=featured
My very own Banner:

I see belovedranger and maple_mahogany also have groovy new banners...well done.