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Dark lord


The Occupy movement are apparently angry. I’m not entirely sure why. After all they’re living rent free in a public space near you.

That’s your public space, paid for with your tax/rate Dollars/Euros/Pounds etc. In most cases they’re using the public facilities again provided by your hard earned dosh, or in the ultimate irony they’re abusing their local Macdonalds or Burger King or KFC.

Want to try that with your little tent on any given day in your local park? Want to wash you undies in the fountain and string them up in the trees? Start your herb garden in the flowerbed?

Even if you claimed it was a protest (Children’s abuse of Sea Monkeys MUST STOP!)

How long do you think you would last?

What if you couldn’t even articulate your issue (never mind your demands).

“Well I’ve this anger see, about, like, you know those kids just don’t treat our aqua-simians right”

Apparently we shouldn’t label the “Occupy movement” as bludgers or free-loaders, as social parasites sucking the guilt complex of the collective because their “issues” run deeper than the superficial appearance of squatters.

Do they really?

They’re angry at the system, like a hormone driven teenager they’re angry at everything.

Naturally they’re bleating about their civil liberties, about their rights which are granted by the very institutions they’re protesting against.

Has no one pointed out that hypocrisy?

Of course their rights take precedence over the rights of others who might wish to make use of public spaces, like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm their rights appear to take precedence over the actual producers in the equation.

If they were serious about abandoning the system they’re be out in the wilderness already building communes, trying alternative lifestyles, running out of government issue condoms.

That however may take them away from the flat even ground of our public parks, away from the manicured lawns and trimmed bug free bushes, away from clean running tap water and publically provided flush loos, and worse of all away from mobile phone coverage and the free Wi-fi leaking from Macdonalds.