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Dark lord

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List up to ten (10) things you want to say to ten (10) different people. Do not state who these people are. Do not confirm or deny any 'comment speculation.' Tag five (5) people.

1. I opened both doors so that the chill winter breeze could blow away your cigarette smoke, I'm surprized you noticed.....

2. No.

3. (For F***s sake)Go on holiday.

4. No I'm not being mean to you, I'm ignoring you.

5. I can put the memory stick in the computer, but I'm never going to be able to teach you how to use it. Ever.

6. Sue the bastards.

7. 8pm EST is unacceptable.

8. Wear the damn hearing aid.

9. The bible warned about false prophets.

10. These are mostly negative because I'm an insenstive male...get over it.
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