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I have been accused of too much brevity, and not enough magic in my fics.

I've therefore taken the offending story (One Word) and added Cliff notes.
Harrysmom found it amusing.

You may too, or you may go "meh" and ignore everything below the cut (Just like Joe will) :-p
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People may also find it useful in seeing how information can be compressed into a few number of words.

Dark lord

Of bikes and reviews

It does seem that the lastest chapter of 'Confessions'is a hit. A few things spring to light.

1. People are starting to read my stuff rather carefully (this could be awkward). Chris is only mentioned once, and people are already starting to ask who this person is, I mean it could be a typo? (It's not)

2. No one has read much D H Lawrence.

3. A lot of people are interested in the Expulsion ceremony, there will be an in-story explaination I promise.

On a light note,

I spotted avatar dragging his plastic motor cycle along, so being the great dad that I am, I kindly set it on its wheels for him.

and he promptly turned it over again, and shoved it against the bathroom door.

Light dawned, mummy was taking a shower, and he wanted IN. The bike, while higher when on it's wheels, rolls away when he stands on it to open the door...

Bright button.
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Midnight Confessions

No No No....I went to sleep early last night....I guess you ladies tuckered me out during the day......

No I'm talking about my CM fic "Midnight Confessions"

Chapter 14: "Weasley No More" is up