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Smell Of Lavender - Pimping Rishi

I'm rather proud of "Smell of Lavender".

It's obstensibly a Draco/Lavender piece which was started before Half-Blood Prince, and has continued sporadically ever since.

I've tried to be different, tried to be edgy, tried to look at things from different perspective.

I've been naughty, thrown in some cameos (Namor & Highlander), created what I hope are interesting characters and interesting pairings.

Draco/Lavender, Snape/Sinestro (not originally my idea), Neville/Hannah, and my personal favourite Colin & Pansy.

I originally saw it as a divergeance from HBP. Instead of 'Won Won' Lavender ends up with Draco (and becomes his redemption), and Pansy joins the 'Ugly Girls Club' becomes friends with Hermione and ultimately reveals her location to Ron who destroys Malfoy Mansion.

Pansy ends up with Colin, (the forbidden fruit) and Dennis loses an eye.

Dennis lost his eye by accident, I needed a battle scarred Auror and Dennis just happened.

I'm very flattered that someone has taken that idea and crafted a brillant little tale around Dennis.

I'm also jealous that I didn't write this myself:

This Is Where I Belong" by Elvisvf101 is officially Lavender Canon.

As is:

Showing the Colours

I may just publish them as chapter's of Lavender (I'm Lazy that way)

Well done Rishi!!

Sometime over the Weekend

Sometime over the weekend (I hope) "Smell of Lavender" will be updated.

There's just one small tiny editorial issue to resolve, and then it's go.

"Smell Of Lavender" is an NC-17 fic, so don't leave messages...
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Dark lord

Midnight Confessions

No No No....I went to sleep early last night....I guess you ladies tuckered me out during the day......

No I'm talking about my CM fic "Midnight Confessions"

Chapter 14: "Weasley No More" is up

Dark lord

324 words

It's not a lot, but it's the hard part.

Its another chapter of "Smell of Lavender.", the one that gave me so many false starts yesterday....

Sandy interlude is done....now onto the Dumblydory bits (there may well be a lot more dumblydory bits to come as well.)
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