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Comrades Marathon

On the 16th of June every year a group of befuddled individuals rise very early and run between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg (one way or the other alternating annually).

It's a distance of about 90kms (about 56 miles), and this year I will be doing it.

No I won't be running it, unlike Mr Fitz my legs aren't that defined, and I'd probably keel over after the first kilometre. (within a mile)

No no I shall be rubbing legs at roughly the halfway mark.

That doesn't sound too unpleasant, but the vast majority of the runners are men (OK perhaps to most of my flist this still doesn't sound to unpleasant) with hairy legs.

Now I'm not adverse to rubbing a ladies leg (or occassionally pulling it), nor with the prospect of free alchohol at the end of the day would I shy (too much) away from rubbing say Mr Fitz's clean shaven legs, but rubbing hairy male legs with vaseline, (even with gloves on)....well...lets just say it's unpleasant.

We're not getting paid, though we will be fed, but damnit this will be my community service dues paid up until the end of the year.

is the official website, and if you're insane enough to want to run this race....well there's always the prospect of a free leg rub from me. (make sure your legs are clean shaven pleeeeeeese)
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