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Dark lord

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Drabble - Feast.....naughty one. 192 words
Lil traveler
Partake Of The Flesh
by alloy

They had discovered the waterfall earlier in the day and Harry returned from bathing under it. Water dripping from his still wet scraggly hair and the thin material of his t-shirt clinging to his damp body.

It pleased Hermione to see some spark returned to Harry's eyes. Some bounce to his step.

It pleased her even more to see Ron rise gathering his soap and threadbare towel.

Ron paused. "Hermione?"

"You go ahead Ron."

The look he gave her was even more pleasing.

Harry knew of course, knew enough not to question Hermione gathering her own towel and soap.

Ron was washing his hair. Soap bubbles ran in rivulets down his chest, down his legs.

Somehow he sensed her presence, allowing the falling water to rinse his hair, Ron lowered his soapy hand to his manhood. He turned allowing her a better view. Stroking himself to fullness.

Hermione drew a deep defined breath and allowed a finger to stray to a pert nipple straining through her browse. She gasped at the sharp stab of pleasure.

It was time.

Her eyes had feasted long enough.

It was time to partake of the flesh.