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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Drabble 145 words...- Butterbeer prompt
Dark lord
One for the Road.
By alloy

A pureblood wizard and a muggleborn witch.

Best friends of the boy who lived.

The athlete and the scholar

Best friends of the man that died.

People wondered how two such dissimilar people could remain friends, after.

Surely she had loved him.

They both had.

This proposal in the Leaky Cauldron was more in the nature of a ceremony.

They both knew what they wanted.

Both had a ring for the other.

Wands they had exchange a lifetime ago on a moor. The night before he died.

“To the best man.” Ron said.

“To the best man.” His wife in all but name echoed.

Two bottles of butterbeer tilted forward to tap the third, open but untouched.

He couldn’t blush, so the ghost of Harry Potter grinned and mustered enough energy to pour the butterbeer down his intangible throat.

Just the one.

For the road.

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*glares at you*

Just because you use pretty words doesn't mean its ok to trick me into reading dead!Harry.

*pokes tongue at you*

Just the way it worked out

It was loverly.

Part of me wants her to kill off Harry so no one else can fuck with him a la 'Gone With The Wind' sequel. The other half crys when I think that.

Job well done =)


should have left the comment on SQ!

Want me to cut and paste?

you makin' me cry...

dead!Harry makes me cry...

Hi *waves* this is the first time i have comment on your LJ I have left a few as "oldbookworm' at different sites.

I love this! you are very poetic in your writing and it has a dark feel with out being melodramatic. I always like your work

Thanks for commenting

yeah, i'm with maple...

just because this is gorgeous and poignant, and says so much without saying too much, doesn't make it ok.

*sobs quietly*

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