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Dark lord

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Dark lord
Title: Steamy Windows (With apologies to Tina Turner and Tony Joe White)
Author: alloy
Rating: NC 17
R/Hr or Gen: R/Hr (Midnight Confessions)
Word count: 190

Steamy Windows
by alloy

The windows had steamed up.

Not surprising. It was a small car and they had been generating a lot of heat.

Hermione shivered. Not from cold, but from deep down inside, and felt Ron’s response.

She finally understood the old Tina Turner song and those American movies where the cars parked at ‘Makeout Point’ rocked to a primal rhythm and the view was obscured.

The Mini didn’t rock very much, it’s suspension hard like that of a racing car.

Hard like Ron unwitting pressing her head against the thinly padded metal of the car, exquisitely pounding her into the bench seat upon which she was lying.

His lanky frame curved above her, his fullness inside her . Hermione inhaled, enjoying the base musky smell of him. She strained upward, to lick, to taste the sweat beading in his chest.

A mark on the frosted glass, her hand covered by Ron’s.

A place of clarity, like this moment, through it a single moonbeam shone, the rest hazily obscured and defused.

Just the two of them.

Their bodies joined as like their souls.

Just the two of them.

Surrounded by steamy windows.

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i don't think that's nc17... you didn't say any of those bad words!

I wanted her feet to be on the ceiling of the car...but

OK, that got me. It really got me.

Impressed with the fact you didn't use any "bad" words.

that was beautiful!
But I don't know if this would be considered a NC17. Then again, I don't know the first thing about ratings. =)

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