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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Dark lord
Ho hum.....

Chapter two of "Take it Back." is published on SU

You can find it here:


and "On the Beach" is published too:


Herewith some photos of avatar

Frogs, what Chocolate Frogs?

and sexy cowboy.

also some pics I took of the full moon over the ocean

Taken Umkomaas 6:15pm, (GMT+2) Saturday 13-05-06

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Gotta love the chocolate!

Aaww! He can still ride on your shoulders. Did I mention my baby is seven? *sob*

Oh, meant to say more...just got a bit emotional there. For some reason the moon links didn't work. And now my list of fan fic to be read is longer still. I'll never catch up!

oops, stored on bloody case sensitive Linux box. try now.

He won't for much longer if he keeps up with the chocolate and hair pulling....

So I understand your baby just turned seven....

You just wait until your baby turns seven and see how you handle it. Off to see if you fixed the links. : )

Good God that kid is cute enough to eat.

Chapter two was briallint. LOVE it.

lock up your daughters......

He has stormy sky blue eyes too.

Re: lock up your daughters......

Dude, my son's got the same ones (eyes), and I just know I'm going to be fending off all the little teenage tramps that come calling.

Re: lock up your daughters......

What is it with boys named Harry that have blue eyes? They can go trolling together.

As for your son alloy, I would be very careful. Girls are going to want to drown in his eyes.

Re: lock up your daughters......

Two Harry's and a James...I go by Charlie myself sometimes.......but I got sea green peepers.

Re: lock up your daughters......

I've seen those hussy's checking him out.....

Re: lock up your daughters......

Damn women. They're starting too young!

And has it ever been said what color eyes Charlie has?

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