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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Nano - Homecoming
Dark lord
Homecoming. (a tale of Emerald City)
by alloy (145 words)

I used to think she was tall. A stubby seven foot girl in a land of ten foot giants

I used to think she was a loner, now I realize she was lonely.

I used to think she was aloof, now I realize she was scared.

I used to think she was hard, now I understand her fragility.

I used to think she was cold, but her flesh is warm beneath mine.

I used to think she was alien, but she is a woman.

I used to think about love, but now I’m in love.

I feel her pert unfettered breasts against my chest, her legs wrapped frog like around my stout earth born frame, her heart beating a slow lunar rhythm. Breath, hot, sweet and moist, jagged at her whimpers, living, human.

I used to think I was exiled, now I know I’m home.

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Beautiful :)
A nice way to begin the day!

i don't know this fandom, but that is beautiful, no matter what planet you're from.

This Fandom is called: "Tales Of Emerald City."

Created by Marc Charles Sparks

All his own work.

Someone has been very busy this morning I see. Excellent drabbles. I think I like this world. It's different and interesting.


Oh god...yeah Marc...that's just beautiful.

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