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Dark lord

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Red Letter Day (317 words)
Dark lord
Red Letter Day (another tale of Lunar Port and Emerald City)

by alloy.

“May I come in Mrs. Darwin?”

“Certainly Mr. Mayor, please. Oh do mind your head.”

“Thank you, I am quite used to Lunar Port quarters.”

“Please take a seat.”

“Ah a sensible seat, Thank you Mrs. Darwin.”

“My husband and I have a great many friends from Emerald City.”

“Yes indeed you do, indeed you do, only Peter Darwin isn’t your husband, not legally anyway.”

“Peter’s my husband Mr. Mayor. In every sense of the word.”

“And Joel Farweed?”

“Oh god, oh god, how do you know about Joel.”

“A letter arrived on the latest shuttle Dawn. I seems that you and Peter left Earth under awkward circumstances.”

“There were…unpleasantries.”

“Outstanding assault charges?”

“Peter never assaulted anyone! It was Joel, Peter was defending me!”

“Nonetheless, I have been served with extradition papers.”

“You….you have to do what you have to do.”

“You and Peter have fitted in well here Dawn. You’ve both made substantial contributions to our little world.”

“Oh we wanted to, we wanted to start over, build a life here.”

“Tomorrow is your anniversary is it not?”

“Yes, Three years, there’s a party, some of our friends…”

“The shuttle was to return to earth today, but due to technical difficulties it’s been delayed until the day after tomorrow.”

“What will we be allowed to take?”

“Take Mrs. Darwin?”

“On the shuttle, what can I pack.”

“Nothing. Dawn, you won’t be on the shuttle.”


“Lunar law prohibits the extradition of Lunar citizens for sound medical reasons.”


“As of tomorrow you and Peter are certified Lunies. The shuttle only leaves later.”

“But the charges?”

“Well Mister Farweed welcome to lay charges against Peter in Lunar Port.”

“He would! Joel would just to get at me.”

“But it’s unlikely a man of Mister Farweed’s dubious reputation would granted landing rights.”


“Improbable. Enjoy Tomorrow Dawn. Enjoy your party, enjoy your freedom. It’s a red letter day.”

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excellent use of the conversation.

That and the fact I really like the name...

I'm reminded of "The Last Patrol" from Band of Brothers.

That or the old Story of Mayor LaGuardia who used to sit in on Night Court in New York to see the life of the common people. One day, a woman was brought in who had stolen a loaf of bread. She tearfully explained that her family was hungry, so she had no choice. The mayor fined her $25 (I think it was $25), but as he was passing the sentence, he was reaching in to his wallet to pay the fine himself.

Great stuff.

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