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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Nano Prompt - Water
Dark lord
Before the Emerald City....

By alloy

Fair to say that no one noticed.

But then no one ever noticed much about the moon.

Oh poets and lovers waxed lyrically about it.

Werewolves howled a thousand howls.

But no one noticed that the Lunar independence bill made provision for water.

Four hundred litres per person who came to the moon.

Four hundred litres retrospectively, for anyone who had ever landed on the moon.

The Lunies had records, complete records.

“The first arrears shipment of water to Lunar Port lifted off today.”

“Senator Graham Armstrong was at the Clinton Space Centre to see his great grandfather’s water allocation lift off.”

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I just adore this lunar stories. Thank you so much for writing them. They set my mind on a hundred little journeys, thinking about what life would be like. "What if" is my favorite game, and you always give me great starting points.

On an HP sidenote, I started thinking of a whole bizarre plot involving Ron and Hermione's daughter Sylvia, who is sent on the first Lunar expedition in 2035 by the IASA as a European representative, a doctor, and secretly, as a representative of the Ministry of Magic. Her cousin Lily Potter-Patil, a multianimagus, also makes the trip, as a mouse. There's this whole weird thing with a dark wizard trying to collect moondust to make an army of werewolves who can tranform at will.....but I'll probably never get around to writing it...

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