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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Dark lord
It's overwhelming I guess
A testosterone driven response
Relegated to an infantile urge
Hell I love flashlights
That's why I come here
There's no other reason
my wallet cringes with each shop I pass
even my hobbies are too expensive
even the fantasies of other people
too expensive.

But the baby in the bottom of the trolley
Clinging manfully to his bottle and
shoving the too expensive nappies
to one side and flashing his toothless
grin and stunning blue eyes.
He attracts flashlights
like flies to honey
and honey he does attract.

Flashlights, aaaah basking
in my son's infantile innocence
a daddy's safe you see.
and I ride the wave of testosterone
until we get home, and he's safely
asleep, and I turn to his mother
and say 'lets make another.'
She smiles.

(c)2006 Marc Sparks